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So, in a shameless promotion of my two cowboy books, one available now and the other available for pre-order, I present….








And in even more shameless promotion, I give you the links to my two cowboy books! I am leaping! Help me?

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Announcing “The Real Thing” Now Available for Pre-Order!


It started as a short story for the anthology Riding Double, and it was one of my first professional sales. I was and am very proud of that story. In many ways it began my Universe. A character from that story went on to co-star in my first novel, All Alone in a Sea of Romance.

So I was pretty sad to hear that Riding Double was going out of print. But then I was talking to Elizabeth North, and we agreed for me to do a little clean up on the story and add a few thousand words, and now that story is going to be available as a stand alone! It won’t go out of print! Ye-Haw!

Here’s the blurb:

Bryan Mills has fantasized about cowboys all his life. Real cowboys, that is. He even dresses in what his roommate calls “cowboy drag” when he visits his favorite bar, in the hope of attracting the attentions of a genuine cowboy. But all he usually finds are posers and guys his own age.

Then one night, to his surprise, Curtis Hansen buys him a beer, and Bryan has no doubt this is the real thing. Curtis is a rugged, gorgeous man who is every bit a cowboy. He even owns his own ranch. What follows is about the most amazing night of Bryan’s young life.

But can they move beyond a night of incredible sex when Bryan admits to Curtis that the only horse he’s ever ridden was a birthday party pony? And that he’s nothing but a poser himself? Maybe, just maybe, Curtis can find the real cowboy inside Bryan, and they can ride off into the sunset together!

I think you’ll like the story! Check it out! I’ve even included the buy links below. Aren’t I thoughtful?

Until next time!
B.G. “Ben” Thomas

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Reviews for “Do You Trust Me?”


…and the reviews begin…



I am pretty joyful about the 5 Star review by Kenna at Joyfully Jay! She says, “I highly recommend this book. It will make you run the gamut of emotions and by the time you finish, you’ll feel so happy.”

To read the whole review, Click Right Here



Wow! I have two reviews for Do You Trust Me? at Gay Book Reviews! I didn’t know blogs did that, but I’m tickled as can be!

First a “solid 4 stars” from Crabby Patty! Thank you. Especially for this: “I trusted that B.G. Thomas would deliver a heartfelt story and he did, with a wonderful HEA ending and epilogue that just felt right.” What a great day! To read this review, Click Right Here

Then 5 stars from Natosha! “This book truly was an amazing read. I am so glad that I gave it a chance.” To read this review, Click Right Here



Over at TTC Books and More, Cat gave “Do You Trust Me?” Five Stars. Thank you Cat! Amoung other nice things she says, “When I saw B.G. Thomas and Cowboys, I jumped up and down! One of my favorite authors and a favorite in the genre. I wasn’t let down!”

To read more (plus my guest blog post), then Click Right Here



I was blown away by the review by Jay over at Reviews by Tammy and Kim and Rachael and Jay! 4.5 stars. Great review, with a terrific balance of good and bad, weighing heavy on good (whew!). “…a solid read with a compelling point-of-view character…”

I had never heard of this blog before, but with such a well thought-out and very well written review like I received, I know I will be reading them in the future!

To read more, Click Right Here



Next, at Love Bytes, Danielle has given Do You Trust Me? 4.5 stars and says, “…I am so incredibly happy I picked up this story and recommend it highly for anyone who is looking for a contemporary story with a serious message, a life story and a romance to top it off.” Thank you, Danielle!

To read the whole review, Click Right Here


Furry Friday: Musicians


Today’s Furry Friday is dedicated to musicians. Singers, guitarists, solo artists and band members. This was per request! So let me know what you think. Beards; Without or With?

Adam Levine (Maroon Five); Without or With?

Axl Rose; Without or With?

Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon); Without or With?

Chris Martin (Coldplay); Without or With?

Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers); Without or With?

Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers); Without or With?

John Legend; Without or With?

Sting; Without or With?

Tim McGraw; Without or With?

Zayn Malik (One Direction); Without or With?

Be sure and vote!

Namaste and thanks for playing with my bearded men!
BG “Ben” Thomas