FURRY FRIDAY: Bearded Kisses Part 2


It’s another edition of men locked in passionate kisses. You can’t get beard burn from kissing if both kissers have beards. *wink*

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How did I miss this? During all the wonderful controversy of this show, and the actors who came out as trans, bisexual and gay, how did I not hear about Brian J Smith? When I was wailing and gnashing my teeth and saying, “Why oh why is every guy on this show gay or open to gay sex except Brian??” did no one tell me that he was? Or did he just come out?

Seriously though, it thrills me that another actor has come out. It can still endanger their careers to do so—look at poor Matt Bomer, who says it hurt his career even though he does get work.

Thank you, Brian, for your bravery. With every man and woman who stands up proudly as tells the world who they are, you are changing, we are changing, the world!

And now…from the site Attitude, I repost for your education:


The World on Fire and Treadstone actor reveals how he found an escape on stage in Attitude‘s December issue.

With his action-heavy roles in Sense8, Jason Bourne spin-off series Treadstone and BBC One’s current WWII drama World On Fire, Brian J. Smith is the picture of confidence on screen.

But growing up in rural Texas in the shadow of rising 1980s US conservatism, the Tony-nominated star was left feeling isolated by his burgeoning sexuality. Continue reading


There are two very special anniversaries in my family today.

First, fourteen years ago today, R and I were married! Now it wasn’t “legal.” Two men couldn’t marry in Missouri (or even Kansas) in 2004. In fact, there was only one state, Massachusetts, where we could have gotten married, but it wouldn’t have been recognized anywhere else. Our marriage on that day–November 5 2005, was for us. It was our public statement that we were together and recognized each other has husbands. That day was one of the happiest days of my life. The ceremony was beautiful and contained elements of Christian, Buddhist, Native American and Wiccan traditions (among others). There was a handfasting, a stepping over the sword (to cut away old ties) and a jumping of the broom (to show we were building a home together). Oh what a wonderful day! To this day people stop us and tell us it was one of the best weddings they’d ever attended!

Second, this week marks me and R being together for nineteen years! Nineteen! We met at an adult themed science fiction convention and I will never forget first seeing him looking and me with his big stunningly gorgeous blue eyes. I knew in that moment what it truly meant to have one’s heart leap into their throat. I would have never guessed we would still be together 19 years after that night we first kissed. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I celebrate a lot of anniversaries, a lot of special days. I think they’re important. The days that pets came into my life, the day I met Noah online, there’s the day for R and Noah to celebrate when they met online. The day I first met Noah face-to-face, and the day he came to live with us at last. I celebrate my father by honoring him on the anniversary of his death.

And June 30, 2015, the day R and I were able to legally marry ourselves! We *knew* we were already married, but oh the power of that piece of paper!

And yes! May 12, 2019, is the day that R and I, with a ceremony and rings, had Noah officially join us! May there be a day when that can be legal as well!

Recently, I had a friend make a comment about my anniversaries. They said they were teasing, but I heard the snide tone in that, “You find a way to celebrate an anniversary just about every day, don’t you?” I was hurt for *just* a moment, and then my heart surged up and I proclaimed that, “Yes! I do!”

I have so many reasons to celebrate! I believe it’s what he should all do. Celebrate the good. Focus on it! On all that is right instead of obsessing on the wrongs. Remember all the ways we are blessed.

Because what we think about, and thank about, we bring about!

This week, I focus on 14 and 19 and how R and I bound ourselves together with promises of love and a golden cord.

Because what it all means in the end is that…

Love Always Wins!

UPDATE 11/6/19: Look what Noah left for us to find when we got home last night!!!!



Many times having a beard during Halloween means having to dress up only as a bearded figure or character, like a lumberjack or someone from Game of Thrones. While there’s nothing wrong with incorporating your beard into your costume, you can still go the traditional, spooky route.

I’ve found some wonderfully scary and creative pictures of bearded men embracing that spirit of dressing up in classic Halloween attire.

Remember to vote for your favorite(s)!


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RE-POST: Hidden Letters Exposed The Truth About America’s Lesbian First Lady

I found this article/essay at AbsoluteHistory.com and had to share it. Especially when for some reason, it seemed to be unstable and I couldn’t keep it open. Took me a dozen tries to copy to post it here! It’s by Andrea Marchiano and originally appeared on October 21, 2019 I think it’s amazing and you should give it a read (I think it would make a great movie!).

Rose Elizabeth Cleveland

Hidden Letters Exposed The Truth About America’s Lesbian First Lady

By Andrea Marchiano

As First Lady of the United States, a woman faces instant and unending public scrutiny. Rose Cleveland learned that quickly when she served in the role for a year. Fortunately for her, the public never learned about her secret tryst with another woman – she kept their love contained to the private letters they sent to one another. But now those letters have been published in a tell-all book. Continue reading


I was pleasantly surprised that I have almost forty (40) stories published now! That means *in print* and available! And ALL my stories take place in the same “Universe.” I have discovered that I desperately need a “Guide” for my Universe. Believe it or not, it’s grown so complicated that I can’t remember half its details.

For instance, in the book I am working on now one of my characters has need of a lawyer. I knew I had come up with a law firm for another book and wanted to use the same one instead of creating another — but I couldn’t remember where and when I used it! It took Noah awhile, but he found out I’d use the group of Baily, Cranston and Watch not once, but twice, and got me a few details that had I not had them, there would have been a contradiction in what I am writing now with what I had written before!

Every time I stop writing and spend hours trying to find a detail from a previous book…I am NOT writing! For awhile now, Noah has been trying to help me put together a concordance of sorts…a bible…a Wiki, that all the details of my Universe can go into. This Wiki would one day be available for readers as well as me and my editors! So anyone whow was interested would have the ability to look up a character, place or thing, and find out where they’ve appeared and in what order.

The thing is, I am a slow reader. I just don’t have much time. And again, if I am going through a book or story line by line looking for these details, I am NOT writing!

So this is what I need!!! HELP! I am asking people who like my writing, who read at a far better clip than I do, to help me with this project! I would let you claim a book (even if it is only one), I would send you a free e-copy if you don’t already have one, and then I need you to list ALL the persons, places, and things in the book as you read it. You would get any books you want to do free, and if you have them already, I would give you some other book for free. You would get listed on my Wiki as well.

You need to be picky and detail oriented. You would even list characters that don’t have a name, like someone working a register at a store for instance. I would like things listed like a character’s car-make and model and even year if it’s mentioned. If they go to a real place like Walmart, mention Walmart as well, esp if the character has an opinion about that location.

GOSH, I hope someone(s) are interested in helping me! It would mean the world to me. More than I can find words to express.

Now here’s hoping I’ll hear from you!

BG “Ben” Thomas