FURRY FRIDAY: Element of Earth

This will be a series of Furry Fridays focusing on the four classical elements with pictures of bearded men representing each element.

The final element in this series, Earth, represents all things physical and solid: the planet Earth, the ground, rocks, mountains, metals, plants, trees–even the physical bodies of animals and people.

Earth represents the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and also autumn and adulthood. In an emotional sense, it is a melancholic temperament–analytical, introverted, thoughtful, tidy and anxious.

Enjoy these bearded men who represent the element of Earth in many different ways and vote for your favorites!












Why Do You Suppose…?

Why do you suppose when you ask a question on a site like Facebook that invariably the first person who comments asks you if you’ve tried Google? Do they think you hadn’t thought of that? That perhaps you had never heard of Google or something?

Since Google has been around for twenty-two (22) years, wouldn’t you have to be developmentally disabled not to have tried it already, and that is why your were asking in the first place? And if I was developmentally disabled, would I be able to use Google?

Why do you suppose that when you ask a question and you SPECIFICALLY state that you are wanting people’s opinions / experience / knowledge / ideas, and that you do NOT want a link to some site, that 95 out of 100 times, the first or second commenter gives you a link to a site?

How about when you STATE for them please NOT send you a link because you have already spent hours Googling your fingers off and you doubt they are going to find a site you haven’t already found. That what you are looking for is THE answer and you are looking for someone who KNOWS THE answer, do they once again give you a link to a site? And it is, of course, the first site you found and read and that site didn’t have THE information you were asking for and that was WHY you asking?

Are they the one who is developmentally disabled?

Noah thinks it is because people aren’t really READING your post at all, and just answering with anything. Maybe they read the first sentence, figured they knew what you wanted, couldn’t be bothered to read all the post and the information you are giving them so they know exactly what you specifically needed, and they answer with whatever is on the top of their head and move on.

How about when you are specifically looking for experience or an opinion? Like, say, “What do you add to your BLANK when cooking BLANK, and they come back with, “Why you can put whatever you want, Ben? Experiment!”

Oh really? So, I can put arsenic in that spaghetti sauce? Dried dog turds in that stuffing for the turkey? Some ground glass in that bread?

And DID you ASK if you could put ANYthing you wanted in your recipe? OR did you in FACT ask for THEIR opinion / experience for what THEY themselves put in their recipe?

This particular inquiring mind would really like to know…!

Review: This Week’s “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Whole World is Watching”

Wow! Tonight’s Episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Whole World is Watching, was pretty amazing. Truly top notch writing, excellent acting, deep, multilayered, and very worth wild.

This show is very different from WandaVision, and both are terrific. It shows the brilliance of Stan Lee and Marvel in that there is so much variety in the Marvel Universe and it’s all so good. So not formula. Not all the same.

Captain America is so very different–character-wise, story-wise, style, tone, action, and more from, say, Ironman, who/which is so different Doctor Strange, which is so different than Thor, who is nothing like, Spider-Man, which is so different than, Black Panther, and on and on. Hard to get bored.

Easy always to be intrigued, engaged, and entertained.

And as far as the greater Marvel Universe, there’s so much untouched. We have a long wonderful road ahead. The Eternals, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, The Fantastic Four (done right!), What If..? and so much more! I can hardly wait!!

As far as what actually happened in this episode, I don’t want to give any spoilers. Only to say that I love the tone of this show versus the tone of WandaVision. Not more than! It goes back to what I said above. Ant Man movies for instance have lots of humor as well as, say, The Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The Captain America movies are far more serious. Gritty. Message giving. Where Marvel is telling us what they think of what is going on in this world through the “safety net” that the Marvel Universe is a separate one from our own. This is very much about Black Lives Matter, among other things, but through the “safety” of it being about the Flag Smashers and the people they are fighting for, particularly those people who came back after The Blip who are being badly reintegrated into society, and those who weren’t displaced before they were suddenly, well, displaced. How badly those people are being treated. And Sam, African American, can so identify with what is going on because of what he has seen and experienced as a black person, and because of what is happening in his personal life.

But Marvel has always done social commentary and I love that too!

So I can’t wait to see what happens next!

FURRY FRIDAY: Element of Air

This will be a series of Furry Fridays focusing on the four classical elements with pictures of bearded men representing each element.

Though modern science uses chemical elements to explain the composition of all things, the four states of matter can be thought of as based around the classical elements: Water represents liquids, Air represents gases, Earth represents solids and Fire represents plasma.

Air represents the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and also springtime and infancy. Physically, it represents the air we breathe. Emotionally, it is a sanguine temperament–social,
enthusiastic, active, outgoing, charismatic and risk-taking.

Enjoy these bearded men in the fresh air and vote for your favorites!

See the Men by Clicking Here

FURRY FRIDAY: Element of Fire

This will be a series of Furry Fridays focusing on the four classical elements with pictures of bearded men representing each element.

Different cultures have different variations of natural elements but the most common are often these four: Fire, Water, Earth and Air (or Wind). Some include additional elements such as Metal, Gold, Wood and Aether (or Void).

Fire represents the zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and also summer and youth. It also represents the human spirit and, emotionally, it is a choleric temperament–extroverted, independent, decisive, ambitious, vengeful and short-tempered.

We hope you enjoy these fiery bearded men. Vote for your favorites!

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FURRY FRIDAY: Element of Water

This will be the first in a series of Furry Fridays focusing on the four classical elements with photographs of bearded men representing each element.

Since ancient times all throughout the world, there have been records of the man viewed the classical elements, and it was believed that all creatures, things and natural phenomena, their simplest forms, were made up of these elements.

In Western belief, Water stands for the Zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water also represents winter and old age. Physically, it embodies bodily fluids such as blood and sweat. Emotionally, it is a phlegmatic temperament–relaxed, peaceful, easygoing, sympathetic and reserved.

Check out these water-based bearded men and vote for your favorites!
~ Noah

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The Three Bears Ostara / Spring Equinox Dinner

Lamb chops, cheese & broccoli quiche, roasted rosemary potatoes, two kinds of sheep cheese with crackers, fresh baked braided bread, lavender lemon cookies, and white grape elderberry sparkling juice. A feast to be sure!

AND there was no reason not to use the St Pat’s dishes although the Easter ones would have been more appropriate with their rabbit theme.

Get the Recipe for the Lavender Lemon Ostara Shortbread Cookies and see more pictures by CLICKING HERE

FURRY FRIDAY: Black and White

Black and white photography of bearded men seems to be one of the more popular themes to Furry Friday. Maybe it has something to do with color photos being the norm and a black and white picture, ironically, stands out among color ones.

Ansel Adams, discussing the differences between the two types of photography, said, “I can get a far greater sense of ‘color’ through a well-planned and executed black and white image than I have ever achieved with color photography.”

Sometimes, a photographer is tasked with simplifying an image and reducing it to its bare essence. And, sometimes removing color captures that essence.

It is in that spirit we found another collections of black and white photos featuring bearded men.

Enjoy and vote for your favorites!
~ Noah

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