Does the Bible Mention Weed? Maybe.


A few decades ago, Christians were arguing over whether or not it was a sin to drink alcohol.

Those who supported prohibition were largely Protestant Christians, from both the Republican and Democratic parties, and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union which also helped to drive a grass-roots movement that eventually led to victory.

That victory led to a nationwide, constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933.

We call it the Continue reading

FURRY FRIDAY: Oscars 2023


The nominations for the 95th Academy Awards were announced earlier this week and the ceremony will be held on March 12th of this year. The program will showcase and honor the best in film for 2022 and will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel who has hosted two times previously.

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FURRY FRIDAY: A Look Back at 2022

2022 was a tumultuous year with war, COVID-19 restrictions still in effect for many places in the world, wider availability of vaccines, worldwide inflation surges and government protests. The primary focus of the year was Russian president Vladimir Putin’s invasion into Ukraine, seen with condemnation of Russia around the world that led to sanctions against the country.

However, the Russian invasion also brought out the best in humanity worldwide with many countries offering support to Ukraine with military aid, food, medicine and supplies to the Ukrainian army and refugees.

We also lost some beloved movie stars. On a lighter note, more celebrities came out as gay, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner auctioned off his medal and used the proceeds to benefit refugees of the war. This Furry Friday focuses on the year 2022 and features bearded men who have influenced the world in 2022 or been part of a major event in 2022.

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~ Noah and Ben

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He certainly doesn’t go by George! His mother didn’t even call him that. He was her “jewel” and that’s how she referred to him. And “him”? Well, he’s not sure. Jewel’s comfortable enough being a he, just not the same boring “he” as his father (who abandoned him when he was about ten years old).

But Jewel has been seeing friends come out as nonbinary and genderfluid, and it’s making him wonder. It certainly checks off some boxes. But damnit, he likes being a power Continue reading

PRESENTING CARSON MOSKOWICZ (and a partial history of Mattel)

Named specifically to pay tribute to the creators of these dolls. Carson is the “actual” last name of Ken, his full name being Kenneth Sean Carson. And Barbie was the idea of co-founder and co-creator, Ruth Handler nee Mosko. It was her idea that turned Mattel from a tiny company to a Fortune 500 company selling billions of dollars worth of dolls.

And for those interested in a pretty cool story (and an article at the website Antique Trader written by Paul Kennedy) ….

As president of Mattel, a company founded by her husband Elliot – along with Harold “Matt” Matson, a friend of Elliot’s – in 1945, Handler was a dogged businessperson who trusted her instincts. Despite the naysayers in her own company, she was convinced her new doll, named after her daughter, Barbara, would be the hit of the show. Continue reading


Now this guy I bought, at a fairly decent price on eBay. See, I decided that maybe, just maybe, Kenneth and Allan—my first two Little People—needed a special friend.

And if I going to find them a friend, instead of that buddy being a modern Ken doll (all pretty and looking barely 21), that I should look back at the vintage dolls. Afterall, my Ken is probably circa 1962 and the Allan is from 1964, the year he was released (the original Ken had flocked hair that tended to come off, so they stopped doing that and painted the hair on instead).


This Ken doll that was posted on eBay as “Vintage Mattel 1968 Ken Doll Blonde Blue Eyes Made In Taiwan.” Any experts out there can tell me if this is true or not. He does appear to have bendable legs. Was there a year that Ken started getting bendable legs?

A new sweet Facebook friend I have met because of dolls, Zoe, told me that Mattel used the same parts for 30 years, so on eBay when people post vintage Barbies as 1960s, they might actually be Continue reading

Alien, Fate of the Nostromo

Most Monday nights (for going on 15 years).is the night our very dear friend William comes over (he was even a part of me and R’s wedding) for dinner and a movie or series. Tonight, instead of watching movies, we played, for the first time, a game called Alien, Fate of the Nostromo. And as Will said, we, by “the skin of our teeth, we beat the alien. I’m not a big gamer, but I’m learning, because everyone else IS, and when l play, they get to play. Luckily, I’m also learning to enjoy games, especially cooperative games, where we all win or lose, and this is one of those! I had fun! Hooray!! We should have more game nights!


I know more about them and thinking of putting together a little soap opera about my (Mattel) men and post the “chapters” here. Thanks to all of you who are playing along, and special thanks to Chris Miles and Kathy Hamilton for suggesting the names I fell for!

And thanks to whoever sent these guys to me, it makes me so happy. ❤️❤️❤️

It might well have been at least a month before I would have had the resources to get them myself.

I’m addicted, and it’s a much healthier than my eating disorder. This is all getting me wanting to create again.

And every Little Person who joins the family is only going to want me to create all the more! I can’t wait until I can justify getting another one! 😄☺️😏😁


The Three Bears went shopping and we came home, Amazon had left me with these two guys! R and Noah totally and completely deny that they ordered them, and I pretty much believe them. R actually seemed a little annoyed (we are supposed to be getting rid of stuff and not bringing more into the house) and Noah, well, you cannot hint to him that you might like something, you have to tell him directly.

I am crazy about them! Two more guys for the Oscar Wilde Apartments, Kenneth and Allan have two more neighbors, and they are a surprise to all. But I am especially excited that one of this new pair is actually shorter than all the rest!! In the 12-inch doll business, this is rare.

They have already told me a little about themselves. That is what happens to authors, right fellow-authors? The little people in our heads talk to us, we couldn’t write if they didn’t!

I know B is shyer, not much older than 18 or so, and very self conscious about how very thin he is. He is worried to death what his family is going to do when they find out he’s gay. A is at least 21, very self assured, and more than a bit surprised he seems to have a boyfriend (that is what B is calling them). A has been enjoying exploring being gay and has been a tad…promiscuous. He doesn’t think of it that way, but he certainly has some notches on his bedpost. Will they make it?

(this is romance, you know the ultimate fate of course – and I am a strict believer in happily-ever-after!)

I will *probably* get their names from the wonderful suggestions you guys already made, but if one of them suggests something to you, let me know! LOL!

This all brought me to tears. I am so happy about this sudden new hobby. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and what other new people will come to live at the Oscar Wilde.

Peace and Love My Friends! And Namaste!