FURRY FRIDAY: Hibernating Bears

About this time in late November/early December, when the foods available during autumn run low and the temperatures drop, is when bears (the furry animal type) typically go into hibernation. They wake from their long sleep during springtime in late March or early April.

With the weather getting colder, this time of year is also when bears (the furry human type), as well as other people, start hunkering down in their own homes to keep warm.

And you know, they’re rather cute–even sexy–doing so. We know we enjoy waking in the morning and looking over at our sleeping mates, so sweet, so adorable, and yes, sexy.

Check out the sleeping, or at least resting, bears we found. And don’t forget to vote on your favorites!
Love, Noah and Ben











FURRY FRIDAY: Celebrating a Season of Thankfulness

In hard times, when millions of people are out of jobs, the economy is in rough shape, millions of people have contracted Covid-19, over 238 thousand deaths due to same, the rioting, Trump refusing to concede the election, and so much more, the depression and anger are high, and it’s easy to forget all that we have. And we have a lot. When I see a grumpy person at work, I want to point out that they have a job, they don’t have Covid, the woke up this morning and they’re alive—and right there is a lot to be grateful for.

In years past, we tried to find bearded men celebrating Thanksgiving, but believe it or not, it’s nigh on impossible. So this year we picked out things that we should all truly be thankful for, and yes, pictures of bearded men to represent those things. There will be some of you who don’t have all of these things, but I believe you will. I do.

And this time, there is no contest. No picking out your favorites. It just didn’t seem right. But hey, we’d love it if you write in comments here at Furry Friday what you’re thankful for. It would make our day.

Peace and Love!
And Happy Thanksgiving!
BG “Ben” Thomas


That we woke up this morning, the ultimate blessing!


Or if you prefer, tea. A simple pleasure that starts the day right.


Enough said.


However you define it, there is nothing like it.

Freedom of Religion

Which means any religion. Or none. Perfect.


They get us through the hards times, and laugh with us through the best.


Whether we are into exercise or not, health is a wonderful thing to have, especially during these trying times.

Hearth & Home

A place to hang our coat, relax, rest. Home if we have a hearth or not. One of the best blessings of all.


In whatever shape or form is right for you.


How wonderful that we can take that step, legally, to marry whoever makes us happy.


No matter if it’s dogs or cats we love most, or both, or rabbits or goats, our pet companions love us as much as we love them. Such unconditinal love is a blessing like no other.


Thanksgiving feasts, or a simple breakfast of eggs or lunch with a sandwich, the food that sustains us is something to be truly thankful for.

A Job

Times are tough, and having a job is one of the biggest blessings of all!


Hitting the road and going someplace new….


….because we all deserve a break from work.


The kind that comes with age. And living to an old age. And that brings these blessings full circle!

Good Morning World, and a Very Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving even if you don’t live in the United States. Because we should always take a moment to pause and think of all we have to be grateful for. Where our attention goes, energy flows. And I for one would like to focus on all that I have, instead of all that I don’t, especially today.

And wow, I have so much! I have a home. Me and my companions have cars. We are essential workers (somehow) and we all have jobs. Therefor we have the money to pay our bills, and don’t have to fear for loss of water or heat or lights. My job gives me a means to take care of my shoulder injury. We have food, and lots of it. We are going to have to put the leaf in the table to get it all set out.

I have wonderful, wondrous family. Family by blood (I am so grateful for my beautiful daughter, Jayli), and family of choice. I have my family of R and Noah. Today our dear, dear friend Will is joining us for dinner, and Will is certainly family. Wonderful. And of course, we have our furry family, Oliver and Frodo (and Frodo, after a year and a half seems to finally be getting friendly!). And I am grateful for my friends in social media and my loyal readers who have stuck with me even though I haven’t written anything in a year. I have faith that will change next year!

My husband R has built shelving on our back porch that is going to allow us to take some of the vast clutter in the house and move it to a logical place where we can find things when looking for them.

We have our health in a time where so many don’t. I pray for all those, including R’s uncle’s family who is now without a father. R’s cousin is finally out of his coma but has a long long way to recovery.

I am so thankful for dear friends (that family of choice). Friends like Linnea and Will and Cricket and so many more. I could list them forever and not finish.

I am thankful for the fact that we have a new president and vice president who care about me. Who care about the country. Who want to undo all the damage that has been done. Who will protect me and my family and GLBT people. That I don’t have to worry about my marriage and so many of my marriage rights being stripped away from me. A president who is going to get us through this Covid nightmare. Who is going to rejoin WHO and restore our leadership on the world stage, end the Muslim ban, get back with NATO, and plans on passing hate crime legislation. It’s so nice to have hope instead of living in dread what Trump will do next.

I am grateful to be alive. That I did not wake up in a hospital or prison this morning. That I am with the two men I love, and we’ve had biscuits and gravy for breakfast and that we are together preparing a feast for today’s dinner. I am thankful for this and so much more and will edit this as more and more things come to mind.

I hope that you have a lot to be grateful for as well.
Bless you all from the depths of my heart,
B.G. “Ben” Thomas


The Night Before Thanksgiving in the Three Bears Den

Look What Noah Made! This big this big thick wonderful from scratch apple pie! I helped on the crust! So pretty! I don’t know if you can see the little leaves along the edge of the crust, but there is no missing the bigger ones. I can’t wait for dessert tomorrow! Also, he made home made, from scratch, cranberry sauce. There are no lines for us know where to cut our serving–LOL!–but we’ll figure it out.


FURRY FRIDAY: Men in Jockstraps (Decidedly Not Work Safe!)

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a Furry Friday like today’s, but after thinking about it, we thought it was about time. So keep in mind, this one is Decidedly Not Work Safe! Today we are featuring bearded men wearing jockstraps. And it’s pretty clear that the jockstrap is as assuredly a masculine piece of apparel as the bra is a woman’s. And for some of us, it’s a damned sexy one too. That’s what you’ll be seeing today…!  Continue reading

🍁 🍂 🍁 Touch-Ups on Our Dining Room Table 🍁 🍂 🍁


This is how it works! How it comes together!

Creamer and sugar bowl was found it at a second-hand store, and what’s more, on a day that they had a sale on all autumn items. Score!

This stunning plate was found at Dollar Tree of all places!

And the cheese spreaders were found at a garage sale. Or was it another second-hand shop? I’ll have to ask “R.”

The salt and pepper shakers were found at an estate sale, and strangely, they were being sold separately! Ridiculous. Luckily it was Sunday late and everything was 50% off, so the price was very reasonable.

So everything on this table, bit by bit, came together and it as all wonderfully reasonable. The items that have been added to the table today were scattered around the house as we tend to just throw stuff down when we get home from such sales. Naughty us!

These tables are not expensive (well…except for the Saint Patrick’s Day one–and that is a tale for another day).

Now it’s all together perfecting the table I’m so happy!

To see the post showing the entire table, then CLICK HERE.


Update On My Shoulder Surgery


With a lifetime, I’ve learned a lot, and right thereat the top is not to worry about things I have no control over, especially if what I’m worried about is in the future. Yesterday does not exist. Tomorrow does not exist. There is only this moment. And between now and tat future moment I choose to worry about? Experience has taught me time and time and time again that … anything can happen. Worrying accomplishes nothing except add onto the potential problem. Because then I have that only “potential” problem, and all the awful convoluted troublesome stress of worrying about it as well.

I am not getting surgery the day after Thanksgiving. Continue reading

🍁 🍂 🍁 🍂 My Autumn Table is Finally Out! 🍂 🍁 🍂 🍁


Autumn table is finally out, thanks to Noah. Thanks, baby bear! And oh, I love it! Love it so much! There are a few new editions thanks to my dear friend Linnea. It makes it all but perfect and one of my very favorite tables. All that is missing is the salt and pepper shakers which I accidently put away and I’m worn out (LOL!) and it’ll be later tonight or tomorrow before I go dig them out.

I like to change over on the first of the month (or close to), but my Halloween table was new this year and vision in my mind for a couple years, and I was so in love with it I wanted to look at it for awhile. Now I’ll want to do the same with this one! Because it’s the holly/Yule/Christmas dishes next! So glad I’m back on the ball with getting these beautiful treasures out and on display. Every time I walk through the dining room I feel so happy. So…at home.

There are some lovely casserole/baking dishes, but they’ll stay put away until l cook dinner in them! A few more things found through the years that are tucked here and there around the house, waiting to be found, so they can join everything else on the table. They’ll be added soon!

Until then, Happy Autumn!

To see the second half of this story, the found Autumn items, added to the table, the CLICK HERE!