Some Great Anthologies On Sale at Dreamspinner Press Right Now!


Well this is pretty cool. Dreamspinner Press has twelve anthologies on sale for only two dollars. I can hardly believe it. Two dollars! I know I am taking advantage of the sale. I mean there are some great names in these books.

Just look at some of these names…!

Angelia Sparrow, Ariel Tachna, B. Snow, Caitlin Ricci, Eli Easton, Eon de Beaumont, Eric Renner, Jane Seville, JL Merrow, Jon Inman, Kim Fielding, M.J. O’Shea, Pearl Love, Ryan Loveless, Venona Keyes, Xara X. Xanakas and Zahra Owen!

Oh! And me. A few of my very first stories are in these books. As a matter of fact, several authors that I bet you know and love got their start with short stories. I wonder how many of your new favorites will be found in these books?

How can you possibly go wrong?

And for those of you who say you don’t like short stories, I think if you take a two-dollar chance, you might find out you’ll be surprised and give the short story a new chance. There are stories that can’t be told in a noel. And they’re stories that need to be told.

So take a chance and hop on over to Dreamspinner Press right here:

You’ll be glad you did!

B.G. Thomas

MidAmericon II; the 74th World Science Fiction Convention


So I am getting ready to head out to WorldCon and I am really excited. Not only because this is the first time that the WorldCon is in Kansas City in a very long time—forty years—but it is also my first WorldCon in over twenty-five years. Can’t figure out why, it’s just true.

My first was in Chicago, where I lived at the time. It is also where I met the woman who would become the mother of my daughter. Long story. Another time. My second WorldCon was Anaheim, CA—if I remember right. Then New Orleans in 1988 and then Boston in ’89. I don’t think I made any other WorldCons.

WorldCon is pretty amazing. For a convention of its kind, it is simply huge. They get around five thousand attendees and it is where the prestigious Hugo Awards are given for best novel, novella, short story, etc.

So when I found out it was going to be in Kansas City this year? Well how could I not go? And I am also truly excited because Dreamspinner Press has a table. Especially with their imprint DSP Publications, they are publishing truly great gay science fiction and fantasy. Thus they are going to the biggest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention to make sure people know. DSPP is publishing some truly awesome books and if you haven’t checked them out, I highly advise that you do.

I made it clear that I would be more than willing to man the table and was thrilled to find out that Anne Reagan was going to be there. I adore Anne. She bought some of my very first submissions and she was my co-editor for the first anthology I was co-in-charge of, A Taste of Honey.

We love to see each other and chat and catch up. The thing is, the events we are at, there are something like 100 to 400 other authors and readers and we never really get to spend quality time together. We’ve wanted to get to know each other better. But even a meal means there are like four to ten other people at the table, and with the rest of the weekend crammed with panels and classes and such, we’ve never gotten the time we wanted. So image how happy I was to know that we would get a lot of time manning the table together!

But then I got another thrill. Huge one! I found out just days ago that Elizabeth North, publisher of Dreamspinner Press will also be there! I nearly shouted for joy and ran to the breakroom at work (the dismal place I discover this awesome news) and did the Snoopy Dance.

And then I found out that Amy Lane will be there a day or two (not sure how long).

But even though it is four of us, I will still have tons and tons of time, because—only four of us!

Plus I will be at WorldCon! I won’t be at the table all the time. There will be panels and the chance to see many famous authors.

I can’t imagine all that is in store for the next four days! All kinds of magick. And I bet my life will never be the same. I think total new directions will be mapped. And the final stages to leaving that dreaded Evil Day Job will finally be set in motion!

I mean really, what could be better than that!

I hope to see you there!

B.G. Thomas

Last Evening at Midwest Men’s Festival….

Because of how very tired and beat I was from all the overtime at work, I didn’t really hit my MMF stride until maybe Sunday or Monday night. I was sleeping so much before then that I missed a lot of Festival. I didn’t get all the conversation and catching up done I usually do. People have left in droves and I didn’t even get to say goodbye. So I am feeling a little melancholy today.

Despite all that, I still had a wonderful Festival and for the first time, when I leave here tomorrow, I don’t have to be at work the next day. Finally, a rare blessing of working the early week schedule. I will have two days to decompress before having to go back to the Evil Day Job. At least I finally know it’s not forever.

I drove all the way to one end of the property and managed to get cell phone connection so I could speak to my husband. That was nice.

Oh! I don’t think I mentioned that my reading went very well and I sold some books. The room was nearly empty and I asked “R” to get me something to drink and you know what that sweet man did? He told everyone he say that “Ben is about to start any second” and suddenly the room was filled. Or at least there was well over twenty people if not thirty. More than I had at GRL! It was so nice. So very very nice.

The meal tonight was good, it always is, but especially the last few years. We turn all the tables in the dining call around the perimeter of the room and sit one side of the tables—in other words we are all facing each other. And we do the food family style, as in passing and taking what we want and passing it on again. One of the true cooks takes over and somehow takes all the leftovers and works Faerie Magick and makes a mindbogglingly incredible meal. It is sweet and a nice way of saying goodbye to everyone who stuck around.

I finally got to spend several long hours at the lake tonight and figure I got some sun. Usually by now I am as brown as a nut, but not this year. But I did get some color and that will be more apparent tomorrow. Tonight two guys are hosting a little fire down by their cabin—one last bit of socializing. That will be good.

R took almost everything home so I have little to pack up. The sarongs are condensed down to two lines, I will probably make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here rather early tomorrow so I don’t have to do the hugging and weeping. Just go!

It does make me feel good though knowing that next year I won’t be working horrible hours. I will probably be working a part time job at most, and maybe not that. Or if I do, I know that even that will soon be a part of the past. The magick is happening already.

And soon magick is all I am going to know!

Love and Namaste,

Just After Midnight… No One Will See This Post


Sitting with dear queer friends and missing my husband who went home this afternoon. He has to work tomorrow. I’m cocktailed and waiting for a pork chop that a cookin’ on a grill. Have I mentioned I’ve met this delightful man named Ben Thomas. Wow. A blessings. Was feeling bitter that I’ve missed so much of Festival because overtime nearly killed me. Now all I can feel is Faerie Magick. Life is good.


: Only with dear queer brothers could I be eating mango, Asian spice, citrus and I don’t know how many other pieces of pork chop with (thankfully) non smoked bacon HOT off the grill at 1:00 in the morning. Gosh I’m blessed to be gay.

A Touch of Midwest Men’s Festival 2016

The 2016 Midwest Men’s Festival Altar

A very real and legal wedding at Festival!

A dinner one beautiful evening at MMF.

Faeries…Todd, Lady Bug, Hoot and Sweetness.

Sarongs on the breeze….


Faeries Wilma, Cameron, Domi Dearest and Daddy Dean.

Sarah Jane and Oliver. It’s Sarah’s seventh or eighth Festival and she’s old hat at it. Oliver is still figuring it out, but soon came to like it!

A statue that guards “Old Way” which is known as “Pax Place” in Summer Lover and Winter Heart….

Wilma in a show stopping number at the Know Talent Show.

Sunday night at MMF—the annual dance. It’s pretty special!

A surprise along the path—if you’re looking….

Queen Anne’s Lace—there was so very, very much of it this year!

Lovely wild flowers near my cabin.

What Camp Gaea has to say about the governor of North Carolina and the ridiculous bathroom issue.

The amazing and wondrous Dragon Tree.

Relaxing at Midwest Men’s Festival


So this was my first chance at Internet access and it might last long enough for me to actually post this.

I found a tiny spot where I can get cell phone service and then use my hot spot. So here goes….

It has been a wonderful Festival for me so far and I still have five and a half days. Catching up and hugging and loving and coffee and cocktails and swimming and a full moon and …. happy sigh.

The only “bad” parts is that I am still exhausted from work and sleep late, take a long afternoon nap, so I can stay up at night with my Faerie brothers. I am still tired tired tired and I am using my cpap. I fell down the first night of Fest pretty hard but I am okay but my knee is making it so I have to drive everywhere, but that is okay.

My husband got here Thursday with the dogs with it was so good to be reunited with my family. All four of us are together again and it is heaven. Or Shangri-La or whatever.

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures this year but there will be some, so don’t worry! I have just gained so much weight this past year that you shouldn’t expect too many with me with a sarong.

Speaking of which, they are selling very well so we should meet our expenses there!🙂

There have been many wonderful wonderful moments already, and more confirmations. SO incredible to know I am on the right path.

I am doing a reading today after lunch. Excited and nervous about that! I will have books and cookies and hopefully will sell a bunch!

OH! And I sold my story for Dreamspinner’s Advent Collection, “Bah, Humbug!” So happy about that! It is called “Mele Kalikimaka,” and I wrote it with a dear, sweet friend named Noah Willoughby. He is a sweet young man who lives in Hawaii and added so much to our story not only with his writing but all the flavor he was able to add knowing the culture. This is his first professional sale and I am so excited about that as well. He is a self-published writer and is quite good!

I have also seen the cover of “Winter Heart” and it is quite stunning. Just wait until you see it!

Okay, I should sign off. It is very hot where I am posting this so I need to go.

Much love to you all,
And I am sending Faerie Magick your way!
B.G. Thomas

So Today Is The Day I Head to Midwest Men’s Festival


Dear friends
Queer friends
Let me tell you how I am feeling
You have given me such pleasure
I love you so…

So today is the day that I head to Midwest Men’s Festival. And while it is not technically Men’s Festival until Tuesday, the magick will begin the instant we drive onto the Land. There is hardly any land more magick than at Camp Gaea.

As I write this I am barely packed. I am hoping that since we’ve packed so many times it will mostly go by rote. And it isn’t like a need that many clothes. A few shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, some socks…the rest will be robes and sarongs all Festival long. I have to make sure that if the near impossible happens—and it has happened—that I am prepared for rain and a cold night or two.

We have bedding and almost everything we need in tubs and a stacked plastic drawer thingie.

I should have been packing for at least a week but but the Evil Day Job prevented that.

Next year!

This year I am counting on Faerie Magcik to make sure I have all I need.

And it isn’t like we won’t be shopping on the way there. We always stop at Walmart and take care of all kinds of stuff.

Oh my gosh! Soon! Soon! Soon! I will see so many men I can’t wait to see! So many!

And I just might dress up as a Sister again! Not sure! But maybe!

I know something very important is going to happen this year. Very important….

Let me share with you my dream….

I am going to get a Smart Car. I am going to drive all over the country with it. Going to meet people near and far. Going to drive to all kinds of events and stop and meet people, writers, readers and more. I will stop at places like Short Mountain—a haven for Radical Faeries—and different people’s houses. Some friends from online, some people I’ve read, some people I’ve met, some I haven’t.

People read on my Facebook that I am in their area and they say, “Hey Ben! Don’t worry about sleeping in your car or a Motel 6! Stay with me!” And I meet someone else and we talk late into the night and share secrets and dreams and they give me their favorite wine or cocktail and I learn more about someone else. And we teach each other all about The Secret.

And while I am on the road I write!

And when I get home Raymond grabs me and kisses me and says he missed me (but he is also happy that I have explored more).

I go to Florida a week with Elizabeth North and then keep driving and stay with Connie Bailey and then I drive up the coast and see more people like JP “Trish” Barnaby and Nessa Warin.

I stop and see Faeries all over the country too. Meet famous ones and new ones and see where my Men’s Festival brothers live in the “real world.” I go to Eureka Springs and stay with Domi Dearest and Super Gem and Silver Fox and so many other men.

I want this. I see this!

And I will write write write and when I am done with my various travels (only more or less) I will finally fix up my office and write about four to six novels a year and make enough money that I don’t have to worry about bills.

And then something amazing happens! One of my books somehow makes it onto the New York Times bestseller list just like books like The Celestine Prophecy that was originally self-published and changed the world—including my own.

Yes! With my writing a gay love story explodes just like Gordon Merrick’s books did back in the seventies. Gordon Merrick’s book The Lord Won’t Mind was the book that made me know I was gay. I read the first love making scene in that book (between two men of course) and it was like when the Mother Ship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind opens up and all that light flowrd out and I knew I was gay. It hurt me and it saved me.

I will write a book like that and help young men know it is okay to be gay.

And it all starts today.

It all starts as I pack and pack the car and drive to Camp Gaea and stop on the way and shop with Raymond and have lunch (lots of meat because I am about to do vegetarian for ten days!) and then I arrive on the land and the magick begins! The Secret begins.

What I percieve I receive.

I ask. I believe. I receive.

It is time!


How about you.

Join me?

And so it is.
Gentle Ben

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