Some Exciting News and Some Bad News (but I only wish I got more “bad” news like this!)

So I did it – I just clicked the send button and sent off my second submission in over a decade! I submitted another story!

And this one was a bitch!! OMG!

Research, research, research, and more research!

The anthology I submitted to this time is called Midsummer’s Nightmare: Things That Go Bump in the Night. They want stories about “ghosts, werewolves, spirits, etc.,” with an “edge of suspense, a touch of heart-pounding fear, and/or a taste of the paranormal.”

That looked like fun! BUT! Wouldn’t everyone be sending in stories about ghosts, werewolves, spirits, and especially vampires? And probably angst-ridden long-haired rock star vampires?

Something different (hopefully)! How about a mummy? Another slice of the classic genre, right? And I love mummy movies and I have several shelves of books on Egypt! Why not?

So that is what I did. But boy, oh, boy! For those of you who write, you know you have to research. It may be the population of the average small town in the mid-west or the minimum wage in 1985 or the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks… Whatever, you know? But how about where Queen Hatshepsut ruled while she was Pharoah of Egypt? The capital moved many times in Egypt’s history. What ancient cities still stand, and which don’t. Where do I put my tomb? The Valley of the King’s, or should I make it outside Cairo / Memphis? How long a drive is it from Memphis to Cairo? What was a warlock called in ancient Egypt? Or a vengeful spirit? What was the name of heaven or hell and did they believe in them? Details, details, details!

But I did it! And special thanks to (and a few others) over at for all she did! I must have worn her out with my emails! And she helped every time!

    Short Story Anthologies

    Midsummer’s Nightmare: Things That Go Bump in the Night
    Submission Deadline: March 15, 2010

    Lay down and close your eyes to dream this night.
    A wolf is howling at the full gold moon;
    the blood in your veins will begin to pound.
    A nightmare will o’ertake you very soon–
    vampires, werewolves, the ghosts that haunt the eaves
    rise up to rent what joy they hunt and find.
    But with the pulse, wild passion is aroused.
    These handsome men will tease and flaunt and grind
    against the things that go bump in the night.
    At dawn the sun will rise and evil flees;
    it leaves the well-known truth bare to the light:
    night is shortest, hottest, in the summer,
    and love will banish night’s consuming fright.

    We are seeking romantic M/M stories with an edge of suspense, a touch of heart-pounding fear, and/or a taste of the paranormal (ghosts, werewolves, spirits, etc.). This is not a call for horror content; we welcome a more tongue-in-cheek and lover-like approach to dealing with nightmares and small scares.

    Length: 3,500 – 18,000 words (manuscripts shorter or longer will be considered but will have to be extraordinary)

Very SPECIAL thanks to , , and , wonderful friends who all edited/betaed if for me. The fabulous , would have helped if I only gave him more time! The story is like fifty pages! That is 17,973 words, every bit of the 18,000 they allowed! I wish I had more! LOL!

Wish me luck!

I really love the story, but I tell you, if I have to look at it one more time in the next month I may scream! There are just so many times you can read something, you know? I am not going to even WATCH something on Egypt for months though! LOL!

Okay… Now for the “bad news.”

My story, “Just Guys,” that I posted about for the ‘Necking’ anthology was sadly rejected. And yet it didn’t depress me in the least. It in-fact, excited me!

I mean, is this not the BEST rejection letter a guy could get!?!?!

    Dear BG,

    I am sorry for the delay in replying to you about your story “Just Guys.” I enjoyed the story quite a bit. However, I think it would be better as a stand-alone short story than as a part of the “Necking” anthology, due to the complexity of the themes you address.

    I’m not sure if you need to resubmit the story or whether I can just forward it along to the editor who handles those decisions – I will let you know as soon as possible. I definitely encourage you to pursue this path – it’s not only more lucrative, but will showcase your excellent and touching story as it deserves. I hope that you do, and while I can’t make any guarantees, I’ll be sending along my endorsement.

    As always, we look forward to seeing submissions from you in the future. Please check the website for future Calls for Submission – I hope that you will join the Dreamspinner Press team!


She will be sending along her endorsement?? How COOL is that?? She thinks it would be better as a stand-alone short story … due to the complexity of the themes I address? *G* She definitely encourages me to pursue this? It’s not only more lucrative, but will showcase my “excellent and touching story as it deserves?” Who could be upset by that?

Know that I am re-submitting it!

So, looking on the bright side!


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