Re-Submitting “Just Guys”

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

I have re-edited my story that was (so wonderfully) rejected and am ready to send that back in and will do so in the next few hours. I have to write that cover letter, and make it good, since this will be a totally unsolicited manuscript. But I have an endorsement of the editor of the company’s anthology “Necking,” PLUS I can tell this woman that they have just offered a contract on “Soul of the Mummy.” Not to shabby, huh?

I still can’t get over the shock of that! I emailed it on Monday and had an answer early Saturday morning. Is it normal to get a reply that fast? I never did back in the nineties. I could wait three months for a reply!

Still, nervous!

And I have begun work on several more stories!

My dreams are coming true!

The above quote is from the Gospel of Thomas, and when I heard it yesterday I was blown away by it. It is so true! My heart is crying out to write. The Universe expresses Itself through us, whatever our gifts and talents may be.

When we deny our gifts, we deny The Universe expression through us.

And that ain’t good, my friend.

So let us everyone express our gifts. It bring us, and others, joy!



One thought on “Re-Submitting “Just Guys”

  1. Don’t be afraid to mention, in the cover letter, “Editor So and So suggested I should submit this as a stand-alone.”

    The speed can be typical of a small press. Some of them make you wait months. Some of them are back within 24 hours.

    A side note, I’m this week’s featured author at The Literary Underworld. It’d be a good week to post those reviews. 8)

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