Tough Writing Decision

I had a tough decision when it came to this writing thing.

Real name? Part of name? Pseudonym?

I wasn’t ashamed that I was writing something that had sexual content. It isn’t porn. If it was straight sex would there be anything to worry about?

I want people to know I wrote that!

But could it bite me in the butt at some point?

So I am going as BG Thomas. That is me, first and second initial.

I can always change it, “come out” so to speak, and the bio won’t leave much to doubt. If anyone wants to know, then I won’t hide.

On the other hand, if some future employee or whatever google’s my name, they won’t find it attached to erotica.

Because I can “come out,” but I can’t take it back, right?

This was very tough for me. With me it is mostly, “what you see is what you get.”

Hope I made the right decision!


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