So I was looking over some stories that I wrote abot ten years ago and either never sold because of the declining porn paper market, or they were refused because they had too much story! Aaarrgh! LOL!

Then I was looking over some call for submissions at two different houses. I wrote them and both were willing to check out my stories.


I JUST sent a naughty but sweet story called “My Best Friend” to Torquere Press, and will be sending another story, “Valentine’s Ball”, to “Afternoon Pleasures: Erotic Stories for Gay Couples,” edited by Shane Allison. This is the same company that puts out the “Best Gay Erotica 2011” edited by Richard Labonte each year. I am also going to send out a story called “Son of a Preacher” for “Best Gay Romance 2011” by the same editor. I missed the deadline for the Best Gay Erotica by a couple weeks! Aaargh!

So maybe I will be making some more sales?

Wish me luck!

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