Edits Arrived This Morning!

So the edits arrived this morning for my story “Soul of the Mummy,” and to tell you the truth, this Lynn West is good. Really really really good! I am pleased with almost every single thing she did, mostly just grammatical and the like.

There were one or two things that I am trying to negotiate for, but that’s it.

For instance, my betas may remember the line, “his flat flat stomach,” and how you all wanted it to be “flat, flat stomach.” I wanted the poetic feel, so that you really see just HOW flat it was.

Then there is the issue of whether Egypt is an African country or Middle-Eastern country. Technically, it is a rare transcontinental country, but because of the world it inhabits, so many think of it as a Middle Eastern country. I asked for the compromise of “Arabic” country.

See how few things I am “unhappy” about? I’m willing to let go of any of them. Lynn is an amazing editor and I can’t wait for the next steps!

And I can’t wait to see the cover. Nervous too! Covers can be SO bad and SO good! I worry that a misinformed artist will show a black ancient Egyptian. Somehow in the last decade or two, this idea has swept the African-American community that ancient Egyptians were black.

They weren’t. I’ve studied Egypt most of my life. They were ruddy colored, being out in the sun all the time. But the rich kept there wives indoors all the time so that they would be very pale. Ancient poetry describes a beloved one as “pale as the white breast of a dove.” If you have ever seen one of the most famous pieces of art in all time, the bust of Nefertiti, you can see she was not black.

Egyptians had Nubian (black) slaves…

And Nubia conquered Egypt for – I think it was about a century and that time was known as the time of the black Pharaohs…

Well, we will see!


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