Galley Edits

So I sent in the edits for the galley of “Just Guys” today. I was very pleased to re-read the story after a few months. It was better than I remembered and made me proud to know I’d written it.

Made a number of little word changes and asked that a few sentences be added for clarification. The wonderful thing about this process is that not reading the story for awhile allows you to see things that you missed before. You know, you read what it is supposed to say rather than what it actually says. The wait allows you to read what it actually says!

They pretty much made every change I asked for on Soul of the Mummy and I was so nervous about it! LOL! Their reply was that they were perfectly willing to make the changes and that was why there was a galley process. I was much more confidant this time and asked for every change I could think of.

Still waiting to hear back on two stories out there. The story I am writing with my friend Charlie is going very slowly but it is a darned good one. I think I am just going to say “fuck” the deadline we were shooting for, write it as it should be and submit it all on its own. Not force it to be something it isn’t, you know?

Just five days until my first story is available! How exciting!

Thanks for all your support!!



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