Today is a VERY Important Day for Me!

Today is a VERY Important Day for Me!

So this is it! Today my first published story in over a decade (and the first I am proud to say I wrote) goes on sale.

* hint* hint* hint*

The story? Soul of the Mummy!

Here is a very brief synopsis…

S’ankhibthot is an ancient Egyptian trapped in a relationship with an insane warlock. Tucker Bradshaw is a modern gay man whose cheating lover has brought him to the brink of despair. Both men long for real love. When Tucker flees to Egypt, will the fates and ancient gods be able to bring them together across the sands of three thousand years? And if they do, how does the warlock feel about his lover S’an finding someone new in the modern world?


It is only $3.99! Can you believe it? Only $3.99 for a story with fun, excitement, romance, Egypt, and some hotness besides.

I even have great recommendations!

“‘SOUL of the MUMMY,’ is a story built on interesting concepts and intriguing characters which keeps you guessing all the way through – an all around entertaining read.”
~ Selina Rosen, author of JABONE’S SWORD

“BG Thomas offers a deliciously imagined story, richly detailed and researched. And what the hell, everyone loves a rousing — and an arousing — good “mummy” tale! Enjoy!”
~ Robin Wayne Bailey, author of the DRAGONKIN series and president of SFWA from 2005 to 2007

Just Click HERE!. My story is the second one listed below my bio.

It is real easy. They take Paypal and Visa and Master Card and Discover. So what could be easier than that?

Today I is an author for really!

Let me know if you buy it and read and … dare I say it? … like it!

Hell! I know you will! What’s not to like?

BG Thomas


10 thoughts on “Today is a VERY Important Day for Me!

  1. Congratulations, what a great day today must be for you.
    I just bought my copy of your story few minutes ago. 🙂
    I´ll need a bit longer to read it, you know English isn´t my native language.. *blush*
    Wish you good luck!!! I hope you´ll celebrate today, I mean it´s a BIG day for you, isn´t it???

    • You just made me cry happy tears! I wonder if you were the first to buy it?? (((HUG)))

      Take your time and let me know what you think!

      And I will do something to celebrate today!


      • It´s possible. I bought your book before you posted your second entry about your book being release today. I guess I just bought it right after your made your post. 🙂

        I´ll let you know what I think, I´m sure I´ll love it. I love the anicent Egpyt and from the summary I think it´s wonderful..

        Have a wonderful day, you really deserve it. You can be really very proud!!!!

  2. Hi BG *grins*

    Just wanted to let you know that I finished reading Soul Of The Mummy. I absolutely loved it! I adored your characters, the interaction between them was wonderful. The plot was simply fascinating. It held my interest and kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Overall it was very enjoyable, and I look forward to reading more stories by you!

    *hugs* Chris

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