Another Cool Thing Happened!

A lady at work came to me this week babbling on and on about how much she enjoyed my story “Just Guys.” I knew she said she was going to support me, but people you barely know say things like that. What was really cool was this..!

1) She obviously had read the story. She went on about each character and told me things about them that really impressed me. She had paid strict attention and really loved all the characters. It really touched me.

2) She wrote Dreamspinner Press and told them she loved the story! This is good! By telling them she loved it, that’s fan mail. And I know companies think that it is rare to actually be told such things and count a letter as numerous people.

THEN I saw that the story is on sale today! It can’t be for bad sales, they’ve only had it available for a few weeks (not even three yet) at this point. So hopefully, it will mean even more sales!

Right now it is $2.39 instead of $2.99!

This is cool!

Wish me luck!


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