New Story Available Now!

So my story, My Best Friend, is now available through Torquere Press. It is a part of an anthology called Cherry on Top.

What happens when Mike, a geek, realizes that he more than just “likes” his best friend, Jesse the jock? And when Jesse senses that something is “wrong,” what happens when that jock pushes and pushes Mike to tell him what’s going on? Mike tells him a distorted version of the truth, that’s what. That he’s bisexual. So what does Jesse do about it? You just might be surprised. And pleased as well. In more than one way. Literally!

Here is what Torquere has to say about their anthology:

In this follow up to our popular Cherry anthology, we bring you another nine hot and sweet stories focusing on first times. Whether it’s a future Top realizing he’s really a Dom and not sub at all, or best friends discovering they’re in love with each other, whether it’s new lovers or established couples trying something out of the ordinary, these stories are sure to delight.

Sweet and tender live side by side with wild and desperate, needy next to wanton. Each story brings you a new cherry to pop in a different way. Don’t miss any of these Cherry on Top stories.

Stories include:

Going Home Again by Kiernan Kelly
A Better Fate than Wisdom by Lee Benoit
Green Carnations by G.S. Wiley
Stairway to Evan by G.R. Richards
The Bad Boyfriend Club and How I Left It by Tracy Rowan
The Ivory Dungeon by Syd McGinley
My Best Friend by BG Thomas
Cooking Lesson by Miza Izanaki
Sweet Cherry, A Hammer Story by Sean Michael

AND my story is one of the stories they describe! I don’t think you’ll have to think to hard to figure out which one it is.

What is amazing is that you get this anthology for only $4.99! I don’t know how they can do that! $4.99 for nine stories, 201 pages and 46000 words? You got to check it out! Find my story and the antology by clicking right here!

And here is an excerpt from the story:

Jesse Campbell was the most popular guy in school, and he was also my best friend in the whole world. Ah, Jesse… Tall and stocky, with a muscular chest covered with a mat of fur as dark his deep brown eyes and shaggy hair. We met in high school, and I think I fell in love with him instantly. He was just so damn gorgeous and manly to my barely pubescent eyes. He was everything I ever wanted to be and thought I never could be.

Unlike me, he was also very popular, and I was never sure why he let me pal around with him. I was just glad he did. I hung at his heels like a puppy. The reason I finally got popular at all was Jesse made it clear that if people wanted to hang with him, I was part of the deal. He didn’t care about the games high schoolers played. He didn’t care if he was popular or not. He didn’t need to prove anything and everybody knew it, and so, everybody wanted to be around him.

I wasn’t a big sports fan, but when he joined the football team, I never missed a game, not once. I even snuck out of the house when I had a temperature of over a hundred. He sure was shocked to see me in the stands, and I am so glad I went because he won the game that night, single-handedly. He gave me a good punch on the shoulder after, though.

“What were you thinking?” he said. “You sick and all!” He helped get me home and somehow my mom never knew.

I liked to write stories, and Jesse encouraged me all the way. It’s why I write today; I feel that every character and world and story I create, I do it for him. He’s found his way into more than one as well. But this is the first time I’ve actually told his story.

We did everything together: meals with each other’s families, homework, movies on Saturdays at the dollar theater. We’d go for walks or campouts out in the woods behind his house, and sometimes we’d skinny-dip in the pond at his grandmother’s. It was growing up and watching our bodies change that made things begin to happen in my head.

I began to realize that my feelings for Jesse went beyond what the other guys felt for him and much closer to what the girls did, and that I wasn’t interested in girls at all. I began to have sexual dreams about him. This all left me very confused, and I didn’t know what to do. And as much as I tried not to, whenever I beat off, it was Jesse – his smiling face, his chest, his cock — that filled my mind when I came.

A year after we graduated, I finally accepted I was gay. I could deny it all I wanted, but it changed nothing. I liked men. And most specifically, I liked Jesse.

Jesse knew I was going through something, but I wouldn’t tell him what it was. I couldn’t. I couldn’t take the chance of losing his friendship. And while I wanted more, what I had was better than nothing. I’d read stories about gay men falling in love with their best friends, and those tales almost always seemed to end in disaster.

Yet Jesse was determined to find out what was wrong with me. So he got me drunk and managed to get a distorted version of the real truth.

I told him I thought I might be “bisexual.”

I could tell he was very startled, despite the fact that he regained his composure quickly. “That’s cool, Mike,” he said, “You like sex with dudes as well as girls, huh?”

Then I had to admit that I’d never had sex with a guy or a girl.

“Hell,” he said, “let’s take care of that, then!”

My heart leapt into my throat! Was he going to…?

I hope you will check it out! And let me know if you do!


8 thoughts on “New Story Available Now!

  1. Sounds great, but I´m afraid not this month.. I guess I have to wait till end of the month to buy it.. but be sure I´ll buy it!!
    BTW I had a question for Dreamspinnerpress and with my e-mail I told them how much I love the stories from BG Thomas and that I really, really hope to read more of him!!! If you like I can send to the answer they gave me… 🙂
    I hope that will help you a bit, if more and more people tell them how much they like your stories might help you…
    Glad you´re back, I miss your postings…

      • Yes, first I thought I should better wait till the end of the month..but then, I don´t have anything to read right now and the end of the month it´s far, far away… I just had to get it. 🙂
        Yes of course I´ll tell you what I think. I´m sure it will be great like your other stories, I have no doubt!
        Much love and hugs

  2. I FINALLY read your story “My best friend” and like the others I read before, I LOVE it! Was a short one, but a sweet one. Love the fact that you wrote about two guys who loved each other, first was afraid to tell what they feel for each other, not just having sex with each other. That´s what I love about your stories I read, it´s about love and not just about sex. I love the sex scenes of course, very well written, tastfully and not like taken from a porn movie, but that you add love makes the stories always something special.
    Can´t wait for your next stories. Do you know when the next one will be released?

    You deserve to call yourself a writer! I hope you´ll sell many more stories in the future.
    Love and hugs

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