Edits on “Christmas Wish”

So I got my edits from Dreamspinner on my story that is now called Christmas Wish. They want them back by Friday! Girl! And I bet I’ll get the other story any time.

I am going to be busy this week when I am not working!

So far they have done a good job. Right now I am just skimming at lightning speed to see if I like what they’ve done. Tomorrow I will read the furshlugginer thing and see if I did anything stupid. It happens! LOL! With a fresh mind I will be able to see things I didn’t see when I was too close to the story.


To work!


10 thoughts on “Edits on “Christmas Wish”

    • Thank you! Isn’t it funny how we can get like that with our “children?” Just LOVE writing them but get to a point where we don’t want to see them? Aargh! But then a few weeks later, or more, and it is like they went to see Granny for awhile, we are ready to have them back! *G*

      How is your writing going?

      • I handed over my Cowboys to the editors yesterday. Now that’s it for a few days. I have a collaboration to do but I really need to catch up with uni work.

        I’m still waiting to hear on my last submission.

        I’ve got ideas bubbling but no brain power.

      • Hurray on your cowboy story! I start on one in about a month. Publisher is interested, but I had a couple of deadlines to finish first. Working on one of those now.

        Good luck on your last submission.

        Boy do I get the, “ideas bubbling but no brain power.” Drive me nuts!

  1. Yeah. Sometimes you need to take a step back and disconnect from the story a bit. Sometimes I’ll put something down for a while then go back to it and realize that whole sentences are screwed up, but I knew what I meant to write so my brain just rearranged them in my head for me.

    I’m very excited for you. Can’t wait to see these in print.

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