Desert Crossing; More Awesome News!

More awesome news!

Remember when I was talking about my story submission Desert Crossing for the Bittersweet Romances division of Dreamspinner Press?

    Dear BG Thomas,

    Thank you for your submission. We are interested in publishing Desert Crossing. The story would be published in eBook format with an option for audio release at a future date. I’ve attached a contract for your review. If it is acceptable, please sign the last page and send it to the address on the contract. Please email me to let me know that you received the contract and if you have any questions.

    Elizabeth North

And what better way to end my evening?
BG Thomas

PS: How about this? I finished my edits of Christmas Wish a day early and have sent them off!


11 thoughts on “Desert Crossing; More Awesome News!

      • Not published yet. Despite agreed submissions for 8 stories, only 2 are yet out. I think Nightporter is out in December. I’ve seen and agreed the art for it this week. I shall be glad when a few more are out.I might feel more like a published author, rather than someone who just talks about it.

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