Thoughts; Working, Working, Working..!

Writing is a job.

I love it. But it is a job. Just like the art I’ve been doing at work. It is fulfilling and thrilling and there is lots of wonder…

But it most assuredly is a job.

Coming out of overtime and haven’t had much free time and it has been filled with editing the stories I’ve sold. The publisher edits them and sends them to you and you approve or disapprove and make changes as you see fit and it is work! LOL!

The editor of All Snug is amazing. I do not agree with everything she has done and I haven’t approved all her changes, but I also can’t get over how her suggestions have radically improved the story and how I have learned even more about writing in the last two days.

But it isn’t getting me anywhere on my next story! I can’t get to it! And it is a good one..! Vampires and these ain’t nothing like something from Twilight, believe you me!

And then there is this company looking for Valentine’s Day stories and in the past I’ve made the mistake of putting them lower on the list and twice now they’ve stopped taking submissions a food four to six weeks before their deadline. I didn’t know publishers did that. So even thought the VD deadline is a few months away, I feel I better get to it now!

So what does all this mean?

Writing is work! Why, I’ve sold everything I’ve sent out and if I want to announce more sales to you soon, I’ve got to finish stuff and get it out there. I can’t just sit around.

Writing is work. I love it!

But it most assuredly is a job. And like King has said in his forwards and afterwards and even his book on writing, you have to schedule writing and stick to it, just like a “real life” job. Know that you will be writing buy such and such a time each day and do it, no excuses. And that means discovering a way to tap into your imagination even when you aren’t “feeling” it. Figuring a way to “feel” it. I don’t have to do that at my horrid daily paying job. I just have to show up and do it.

This is an amazing learning experience. And in the end? I am loving it!

Thank God it is so much for fulfilling than any nine to five job I’ve ever had..!


UPDATE: Just sent off my edits of All Snug. Nap time and then work on the vampire story! Or should it be the Valentine’s Day story?


11 thoughts on “Thoughts; Working, Working, Working..!

  1. You´ll write a vampire story???? Wow, that´s AMAZING and the promise it will be differnet to Twillight makes it more and more interesting. Can´t wait!

    I´m glad you was able to get a professional writer, I guess it´s hard to sell your first story and it seems like then the hard work isn´t done. I can imagine me that editing a story after the editor read it, isn´t fun only. But I´m so happy that you was able to make your dream come true!! *hugs*

    Yes, writing is work.. I read Kings book on writing, too, I agree with him on a writing schedule but for some people it isn´t easy, if you´re doing shiftwork, to me, it´s very difficult. But yes, I think it helps to write even if you don´t feel like writing. I´m working on that, I have good ideas but just don´t feel like writing at the moment what makes me angry. But I hope to work some things out and to write again. Still haven´t give up to publish my own stories. Time will tell.
    But it´s so great to read about writing by other writers you kmow not only because they are famous like King. But one can never know, maybe one day BG Thomas will be that famous like King. 🙂

  2. It’s only now that I’m realising what a commitment it is. I was working out when it would be convenient to edit one of my stories and all I could think of was “Hell, I’ve got assignments then… and then… and then.

    And then there was the time the second editor disagreed with the first editor and I ended up editing something six times… I did lose it at that point.

    And then what about the new stories… *runs screaming from the room*.

    • Here, come hide from the deadlines under the quilt in the back of the closet with me.

      I lost my temper with my editor when she told us, a week before release, that the language we had used was unacceptable and would have to be revised. We couldn’t possibly have done this in any of the THREE EARLIER EDITS! (I had about 5 uses of gay perjoratives, one of a racial slur, and two gay guys using “queer” as an umbrella term.)

      • I think it’s at that point you take back control of your story. *frowns* Gays don’t use queer?

        My sixth edit was the day before publication (ebook). I worked from 6am until 1pm to sort it out. If I’d been working at uni I’d have been stuffed. The original edit was done a month before publication.

  3. Yes, it is work. It is damn hard work sometimes. It is thankless work many times.

    If you remember, I had my nose in my netbook most of ConTraception last year because I was editing a proof.
    (I have the book this year!)

    But I’m dying to hear about the vampires.
    I’ve written decadent Queer as Folk style vampires. I’ve written a demon-worshipping vampire. I’m working on a trucker vamp, but he’s kind of on the shelf until other things clear out. (and I need to read more procedural books)

    • I have a few great procedural books. And I am SO bad at reading non-fiction. It is why research is SO hard for me.

      We can talk about vampires in just a few weeks, my pretty! Face to face! *G*

  4. Meanwhile, good ol’ DSTO had another layoff last Friday. Production doesn’t get hit, just programming and customer service. It’s good you have found something you love, but I hope you guys are saving up in case those morons decide to outsource to Asia.

    • Haven’t had a chance to save a fucking dime.

      But they have changed my department a LOT and spent a LOT of money on it and believe it or not, are hireing! I think I am safe for now.

      And Raymond is the only trainer who knows how to operate several of the machines…

  5. Why, I’ve sold everything I’ve sent

    That single line is so amazing and unusual and something to be thankful about to no end. Also, it speaks volumes of the quality of your writing. I feel ridiculously proud for you now, hee.

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