Second Edits!!


This time Dreamspinner wants second edits on their stories for the Advent Calender!


And that is okay.

I am learning SO much. Doing second edits on Christmas Wish right now, and should have them done before requested date. Just too worn out today to do them this evening (did some at work today).

I am sure I will then get All Snug back for secondary edits.

Good thing too because somehow I forgot to dedicate it to my husband, who gave me the seed of the idea that brought forth a story I am very, very proud of!



13 thoughts on “Second Edits!!

  1. You know, one of the best ways I’ve learned and improved my writing has been through the edits. It helps show me what I’m doing wrong, and I try to remember it for the next story I write. And I never get upset when someone edits a story for me, I take everything they say and suggest as positive criticism, and, in the end, that helps make me a better writer, I think.

    Good luck with your editing!!


    • I am surprised at what I’ve learned!

      The problem is that the little “free time” I have has been in editiing an re-writes and I am not getting anything new written! Aarrrgghhh!


  2. Useful man,your husband. You should keep him *g*.

    The editing process is one I am learning. Dreamspinner are interested in a story of mine which I know needs a lot of editing to make it more ‘user friendly’.At the moment I don’t think its HEA enough. I am looking forward to seeing how they tackle it.

    Also after a conversation with you, I am writing next years Christmas story now. May as well be prepared.

  3. I guess one can just learn from editings. I don´t have any real experience because till now I never sold any of my stories, but I guess helps to learn more and more about writing. I think edits are important, even King said so. Wish you good luck. 🙂

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