I Have a Cover!!

I have a cover! And I am pretty excited by it!

I had a vote in one of three covers and no sooner had I emailed my vote than I got a returned email saying I had the one I wanted.

It must have been the one they wanted? Or they are just amazing wonderful people!

I am so pleased and so happy.

While it is not necessarily anyone from the actual story, it carries the mystery and fun and magick of the story…

If a cover sells a story, I bet Christmas Wish is going to sell well!

I can wait until it comes out! Hurray for me! *G*

And may all your wishes come true as well!



11 thoughts on “I Have a Cover!!

  1. \o/ It’s a gorgeous cover, the artist did a fantastic job! I’m so excited for you!! *bounces* You’re such a beautiful man, inside and out. You deserve all the happiness and goodness that comes your way! *smooches you*

  2. Oh, wonderful cover! Congratulation, I´m sure your story will sell very, very well, not only because of the cover of course!
    Good luck and tell us when the story will be avaiable to buy.. can´t wait. I guess it will be the most interesting christmas story I ever read, not boring like the usual stories… 😉

    • Oh! It’s interesting alright! I bet not like ANY Christmas story you’ve ever read at all! *evil grin*

      And I got the next cover this morning but I am going to bed. Look later. Something weird happened and I awoke WAY early. I was sure I heard my husband shout my name… But he had left for work…

      Maybe I should call him to make sure he got to work okay?

      • That sounds great and you make me more and more curious about your christmas story. 🙂

        Oh, that´s great, of course I´ll check your journal later again. Sorry to hear that you woke up that early. I´m sure your husband is fine, but I can understand you, I would call him and ask him if he´s fine. I guess you´ll feel better if you hear that he´s fine. But I´m sure, he´s okay.

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