A Secret Valentine

An interesting thing about writing is how long a period there is between writing a piece, and when it comes out.

This becomes especially “interesting” when writing a holiday piece. Trying to get into the Christmas spirit in July so that a story can be written and then submitted, and then hopefully bought, then edited and re-edited, etc etc on its way to publication.

So today or tomorrow I will be sending off a Valentine’s Day story. The good thing about this one is all I had to do was think “romantic” and that is easy for me to do! *G*

I am submitting this one like three months at least before the deadline because it will go to the company that keeps closing their submission call at least a month and a half early. It is a bitch writing something thinking you have until a certain deadline, and then finding that company closes their call as soon as they have received enough stories they like for their purposes.

How are you supposed to know whether to bother?

I think this is a good story. Sweet, romantic and finally HOT as hell.

I look forward to seeing what happens. It would be wonderful to sell to yet anther company.

Wish me luck!

And of course, special thanks once again to my amazing betas, , , and . As always, you guys are the BEST!


6 thoughts on “A Secret Valentine

    • Thank you! I so want to sell this story to this other company. I understand the more publishers you can sell to, the better it looks on a “resume” of writing when trying to get published by a different company. They see that you are a viable and good author.

      • I was considering yesterday simply working on finishing up several stories before sending any others out, and then doing a blanket round of submissions to multiple places. Not sure yet if I’ll follow through with that one, though. 🙂

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