Blood Plague

Okay, I just sent off Blood Plague to Freaky Fountain Press!

I should have sent it out last week, but to tell you the truth, I freaked out! *G*

I have really worked a hell of a lot on this story. I liked the idea for the anthology that was taking submission. As I said in my last post, it is called “This is the Way the World Ends,” and they want “…stories exploring the connections between destruction and sex, death and love, survival and rebirth, all set in the post-apocalyptic landscapes of your hottest dreams.”

Well, for the longest time I have had this idea for a couple of vampire stories that were the “what if?” consequences of a book like Salem’s Lot. In that story, they take over a town. But what if it went further than that?

Something sorta kinda like Richard Matheson’s classic I Am Legend, but not.

Ever read a story or book and you were just loving it and then it went places that made you disappointed or think “WTF?” Why did s/he do that?

So this story was years and years coming with lots of different influences. The love child of Richard Matheson and Stephen King and God knows what/who else.

Anyway, I got ready to send it out the other night — finally, damned did I work and re-work and RE-work that story! — and when I went to the site for Freaky Fountain, I couldn’t find any books. It looked like they were taking submissions, but weren’t publishing anything! And how could the story sell if they weren’t selling any books?

Finally, an LJer by the name of pointed out what I had stupidly been missing, and that is that Freaky Fountain is a new company and their first books won’t be out until spring of next year. And I guess their books will be available in all major e-book formats, Kindle, and print!!

Hurray! A print book!

*does the happy dance*

I could actually sign my very first autograph ON a story!

So here I am, sending out my next creation into the Universe in good faith that this is just one more step for me and my stories. I am quite excited. This could be great!!

And remember!
It is never too late to pursue your dreams!
I did it!

4 thoughts on “Blood Plague

  1. Oh YAY!! I’m so glad you sent it out. It’s an excellent story. A book in print would be awesome *dances with you* I’m so incredibly happy for you, hon!

    Best of luck with the story! *snugs you*

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