News About My Story “Desert Crossing”

Got some good news today!

First I should mention that I got an email from Dreamspinner Press the other day wanting to know my schedule over the next six to eight weeks because they would be sending me edits and a galley for my story Desert Crossing.

I was a little distressed because January is my annual required massive overtime at work. Theoretically, I could be working six days a week, 12 hours a day for the entire month of January. No way I can do edits and such then. I let them know.

To my surprise they are jumping my novella up a bit instead of delaying it! WOW! That’s pretty cool, eh? I really figured they would have to delay it a month or more, but instead they are rushing it so I have time to do my part!

What good news! This must mean something. They believe in me? In my writing? My stories?

This is a good year for me. I find I believe in myself more every single day!

And here is MORE very cool news!

There are two publishers looking for me to give them a submission for cowboy stories. I don’t know much about cowboys. I have researched them, but when it comes to gay cowboys, there really isn’t much information out there. Because of the Victorian times, it’s all speculation. And I know sh*t about contemporary cowboys except that cowboy boots help a man’s legs and ass as much as high heels help a woman’s.

SO! My friend who owns a small calving operation is taking me back to his place tonight (after drinking at a C&W bar *shudder*) and tomorrow is going to give me the tour of his place, let me see and touch real cows and tell me everything he knows about cattle and cattle breeding! Plus his own knowledge of the cowboys he and his lover like so much.

Now how cool is that? Think of the information I will glean that way! It really helps when you can get some kind of first hand experience with what you are writing about in order to give better feel and texture to a story. This is going to be cool and they are just as excited as I am!

Can life get much better than this?


PS: Dreamspinner Press is having a big sale on all their books through this weekend! So if they have a story of mine you’ve been thinking of buying, now it the time! It is like 15 to 20% off! (my math sucks) Check it out for any of their amazing books!


3 thoughts on “News About My Story “Desert Crossing”

  1. Oh, hon, that’s terrific news!! YAY! And how wonderful that you get to go to your friend’s calving operation! That’s really nice of him. I would love to have been able to go with you! I love that sort of thing *g*

    Life had defnitely given you many blessings! Good luck with the story!

    Love, Chris xx

  2. So very happy for you that things are going so wonderfully with your writing. 🙂

    Have fun at your friend’s place, I love cowboy stories, can’t wait to read yours.


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