Pirates Are On the Back Burner (darnit)

So after getting myself geared up to do what I didn’t know how to do, it turns out I missed the deadline for the pirate story I was planning already. EC has an in-house deadline and an outside deadline. It was the in-house deadline that was a month away. The outside deadline was a few days ago…


So it is temporarily on the back burner. Dreamspinner is taking pirate stories and I have plenty of time. I also see now that EC does take unsolicited manunsripts after all, it is just harder to get in that way.

SO…when I am done with my dude ranch story, I will write my pirate story. If it works under 12k words, I will send it to Dreamspinner. If it goes over, I will try EC.

I’ll sell it! *G*

I’ve been really wanting to start in on this dude ranch story anyway, and this will make it happen sooner. YES!

Now, to work!

4 thoughts on “Pirates Are On the Back Burner (darnit)

  1. Oh darn, too bad you missed the deadline! But I know you’ll find a place for your story. You will sell it!

    I’m looking forward to reading that pirate story! *g*

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