Information for My New Story “A Secret Valentine”

Valentine’s Day. A day for lovers and lovers-to-be. A day to show that special someone how much you care…

This anthology has been brought together to celebrate love and how it can become an essential part of our lives. From unrealised love to new lovers discovered, from the present to the future, these wonderful stories show that even if you don’t have a special someone to celebrate with, it doesn’t mean they won’t turn up. Sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

Starting out with a Valentine’s Day Ball in A Secret Valentine, we join two friends in their search for someone to love in a heart-warming tale of how the perfect partner is not just a lover, but also your best friend. From there we are taken to A Valentine for Evrain and a chocolatier who, having given up on love himself, takes delivery of a flavour he can’t resist. But will he add it to his menu permanently?

A providential meeting introduces two lonely men in Stripped, but will a man’s novel approach convince a stripper to take a leap of faith? And finally we are taken to a future in Valentine 2525 where procreation is considered the only reason to pair up. After taking a chance on a made-to-order Companion, will a man discover love can be found in unexpected ways… and is worth any sacrifice?

Each of these stories is a reflection of how, no matter whether a person fits the mold or not, we can all discover, and keep, love.

All of us here at Silver Publishing hope you find you find the path of love and your true soul mate. May love fill your heart and guide you through the rest.

I am very excited about this! Can’t wait to see it!

It will be available through Silver Publishing on February 12th!

oh oh oh! This will be in paperback as well as an ebook! Print! OMG!

7 thoughts on “Information for My New Story “A Secret Valentine”

    • Thank you SO much! And I found out, this too will be in paperback! I think I need to edit the entry and say so. (((HUG))) You are such an amazing person. I wish I could meet you face to face. Like so many others on LJ. And SHIT! That icon!

      • You’re such a sweetheart! You warm my heart! And I know we’ll meet one day. I think we’re destined to. One of my best friends is someone I met online 13 years ago and over the past 8 years we’ve visited each other and vacationed together, so anything is possible when you believe it will happen. You’re proof of that, my friend!

        Oh! How wonderful that this book will be in paperback!! That cover is going to look stunning in book form!! You must be so excited!

        Take care, hon! *big hugs*

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