Desert Crossing Cover – Part Three; This is It!!

Something wonderful happened last night! I got the cover for Desert Crossing and I am so excited I was and am just about brought to tears.

It is simply amazing.

It is gorgeous.

If a cover sells a book, I am going to sell a million copies.


I can’t believe how perfect this cover is. It is RIGHT out of the story. It is exactly what I wanted and more! The characters look right. The scene looks right. The cover tells the story of how the characters meet, and it does it on so many levels!

I just could not possibly be happier!

And if you want to see how REALLY gorgeous the cover is, then click on the picture down below to make it larger so you can see details… I love it!

The story is now on the “Coming Soon” list from Dreamspinner Press and you can find it by clicking Right Here.

And this is just the beginning!

If this is the cover for a novella, which my publisher must believe in to invest so much in it, just think of when I send them my novel. And they are going to LOVE it!

But first, to finish my dude ranch story! I am having a wonderful time writing this new one!!

BG Thomas

The detail just amazed me. The color. Everthing! Remember to click on the pictures to make them larger.

And as an added surprise, the original sketch! When I got it, I adored it, and the only thing I asked was that you could see the second character has a backpack and that he be a little closer to our hero. Isn’t Paul wonderful? He did just as I requested!

33 thoughts on “Desert Crossing Cover – Part Three; This is It!!

  1. Whoa! That’s gorgeous! The colours are so vivid. The artist did an amazing job. The cover will definitely draw people toward your book. I’m so excited for you, hon! \o/

    *big hugs*

  2. I bought this story from DSP a day early (it’s available a day early!!) and read it in one sitting.

    AND OMG, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, tell me that there will be more to the story. Because seriously, you cannot left me hanging with that tiny bit information about Danny and his father (from the story Desert Crossing: A Different Perspective); which I’m SURE has something more to it, since Danny says that it is complicated … and NOT give me more *sobs*.

    I do think the story is beautiful. I always love some sort of road trip theme. Even if this one doesn’t have an HEA (Happy Ever After), but I feel hopeful that Danny and Callum will find a way to reconnect. I enjoy their conversation a lot, and I love how you put interesting background of the two guys, like Callum and his open relationship and Danny and his Buddhism.

    Thanks for the story,

    from Indonesia

    • Oh, my goodness! I just checked and I can’t even get it. I wonder how you did? Maybe because you are from a different country? WOW! And I can’t even get it until tomorrow!

      Rest assured that Callum and Danny and many many of the characters will one day be available in a series of stories called Out and About. Life is strange and full of amazing adventures and coincidences!

      Both will be quite happy. This won’t happen soon as I have a list of obligations first, but it will happen.

      Thank you so muchn for your kinds words and I hope you will tell the people at Dreamspinner what you think. (((HUG)))

      A much more traditionally happy-ending story will be available VERY soon in the Dreamspinner anthology Riding Double, which will be available both as an ebook and a paperback.

      Thank you again for your kind words! (((HUG)))

      BG Thomas

      • I have no idea why I can get it early. All I did was “Add to Wish List” then “Move To Cart” then PAID, and voila, it was available. Maybe it’s just this one time because I remember doing the same thing few months ago and the books were not available until release date.

        It makes my heart happy to hear that Callum and Danny will be both quite happy (PLEASE SAY THAT THEY’RE HAPPY TOGETHER!).

        I will try to write something at DSP. Usually, my reviews are at Goodreads … I wrote everything I thought of about stories I read there. My own opinion on Desert Crossing is here:

        Thanks for replying

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