Writer’s Block: Hit the road, Cupid

Hell no! Are you kidding? I love Valentine’s Day! I loved it when I was single (except for one very immature year). Valentine’s Day isn’t just about commercialism. Valentine’s Day is what we make it.

If all we think about is a holiday that people made up to sell chocolate and cards, then that is what it is.

If we think about it as a day to stop and remember to love, whether that is our lover or our family or friends or our kids or even more important, ourselves, then that is what the day is. A celebration of love.

Do we need a day like that? We should just do it every day, but I’m far from perfect and I don’t. Having a day to REMIND me to love is a good thing, just like other holidays can help me remember our country’s forefathers or to give thanks for all that I have or to have a spirit of giving. As humans, such days give us pause to be the best of being human.

And I am a hopeless romantic! I love the stories and the books and the movies of boy meets whatever. Course I’m partial to boy meets boy, but hey! I’m a sucker for a so-called chick-flick anyway.

I truly believe that we manifest our reality. If we think that we are alone and will always be alone and that maybe alone is what we are supposed to be in this lifetime, then that is what we will be.

On the other hand, if we believe that we are just as entitled to love as anyone else and we first give love (and I don’t mean that romantically) to the world around us, we will get love in return. We will attract it to us like butterflies to a flower.

Hell! I have a story that went on sale this weekend in an anthology about Valentine’s Day. I’ll make money off this day. But it isn’t about money for me. I wrote that story because I believe in romance. Right now, romance is what I write. My God! Spreading stories of love. How can I not attract love into my life?
That is what I believe.

And of course, I am blessed to have a wonderful man in my life. I have for ten years now. And today helps me remember to not take him for granted. To show him love. Thank you Universe for my husband!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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