Edits, Emails and Inspiration

So I sent the final edits of How Could Love Be Wrong? off to Dreamspinner yesterday and got a quick letter back thanking me for my enthusiasm. How cool is that? Do most writers get snippy or bitchy or something? Do they get blase? How could you ever?

Got an email back from Amber Quill happy with my enthusiasm over their buying Trust Me. Wow.

Got an email from another publisher over a story I proposed to them six months ago and had to keep putting on the back burner. They are pursuing me.


And now I am totally HOOKED on the show Brothers & Sisters. Watched the first four episodes last week and I am now almost through the whole first season already. The writing is awesome! The characterization incredible. The acting is beyond beyond.

It’s inspiring.

Now I just see which story I have in my head GRABS me first. It will happen any day now I know. Either my editor story, or my historical western or my Canada story…

This is going to be good! Whichever one I go for will be my first novel!

I am excited!

So much is happening. It is like a life time of dreams are just exploding out of me all at once. If only I didn’t have to work! LOL!

Life is good. I hope you know that. I hope you love your life.


10 thoughts on “Edits, Emails and Inspiration

  1. \o/ This post is just so full of goodness and blessings I am bursting with happiness for you!! You are such an amazing person, and a talented writer, you deserve all these wonderful things that are happening in your life!


    Love you, Chris

      • This is an industry full of “special snowflakes,” if you know what I mean. People give attitude all the time. It’s a small percentage of authors that any given editor works with, but they really stand out, if you know what I mean. There have been a couple that I refused to work with based on attitude alone. So yeah…editors are thankful when authors are pleasant, enthusiastic, and actually read the freaking guidelines.

  2. Enjoying most of mine. Doing final galley edits on dieselpunk anthros and paperwork for a lesbian fairy tale. Also writing an evangelical vampire apocalypse, some cyberpunk and more Nikolai universe stuff.

  3. Brothers and Sisters is a lovely show; though lately it’s not as good as the first seasons. My favorite season will be season 2 though; there’s Kevin & Scotty, one of my favorite couples ever on TV :p

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