The Cover to “Trust Me” Has Been Released!

So I just got the cover from my next story, Trust Me which will be released on July 17th. It is my first book from Amber Allure.

I am excited to have sold a book to Amber as they only have open submissions a time or two each year. That I got in is a good thing! They have a good repuation and are now open to any future submissions from me.

I am also very proud of this story. It is VERY romantic.

(and pretty hot too!)

This is my longest piece to date so far as well.

As I said in a previous post, it is about “a widower named Neil who agrees to go to a Dude Ranch vacation with his best friend Amy, the sister of his dead wife. He is anything but an outdoorsy kind of guy and he is afraid of horses. But he goes. There he meets Cody, a wrangler, a man young enough he could almost be Neil’s son and the attraction is immediate. But before anything can happen, Neil must deal with the fact that he has been denying his homosexuality all his life. Can he?”

Keep tuned for the particulars!

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