Quoting Songs… Send Out Good Vibes!

When courage finally comes,
You never see it coming…

Right outta nowhere
You open your heart and that changes every thing
You’re going somewhere
And all you need to know is that you’re free to go

A HUGE hero of mine is Christine Kane. In fact, it is lyrics from one of her songs (several!) that inspired me to finally take the chance and try to write, to submit, and to believe in myself. I heard a song where she used a Zen Buddhist phrase, “Leap and the net will appear.”

I was grabbed instantly. It was like my very soul was paying attention! I listened to the whole song and my breath was taken away and I did it.

I leapt and the net DID appear.

I realized that I sorta quote her in my new story “Trust Me.” I may have to remove the line or two that isn’t “Leap and the net will appear.”

Recently I was talking with a dear friend of mine who also happens to be the wife of George R.R. Martin (the man who wrote the book that the new hit HBO series Game of Thrones is based on). Parris told me that frequently recording artists are flattered and more than willing to let you quote them, and even wonder why you bothered asking.

However, some are just terrible, asking for thousands of dollars to just use a single line or two.

So I wrote Christine tonight. Wish me leaping luck! LOL!

If I don’t hear back soon I will just take the lines out (except for the Zen line!). I was really clever how I used the lyrics, more explaining them than quoting them. I bet it wasn’t more than a few words that are used word for word.

Knowing her I will get permission. If I don’t, that is okay too.

I haven’t been given my edits yet, so I have some time.

So please, please wish me leaping luck! I appreciate those good vibes1

And remember!!

Anyone who is dreaming of being a writer and trying to build the courage to send in something…

It is never too late!

Leap and the net will appear!


Some choices hold you down
Some choices set you free

So you dream and the way will be clear
Pray and the angels will hear
Leap and the net will appear!

9 thoughts on “Quoting Songs… Send Out Good Vibes!

    • You sure? I don’t want there to be any trouble… I couldn’t afford a lawyer on this, even knowing I would win.

      But on this one, I would be hella shocked if she did try anything. She is all about helping people succeed.

  1. I’m glad you did Ben, and if you need a beta for Trust Me, you know where I am. I’m even more glad to see this post because I’m hoping it means you’re feeling a bit better?

    I wanted to quote a song in my story for British Flash [released yesterday SO excited] but was advised to take it out just in case. Titles are, apparently, okay, though.

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