So you know what I’ve been praying for lately.

And you know what I’ve been asking you to send out good vibes for as well, right?

Well guess what?


She said, “Yes!”

*screams with joy*

Here is part of the letter…

    Hi Ben,

    I’m sorry for the delay. Yes, Christine and I talked about it and she said she’d be happy to allow you to put those things in your book. She said she’d love a copy when it is done and she’d be happy to send the info about the book to others. 🙂

    As for the crediting, she says there is a standard format for that kind of thing. She suggested that you find out what the standard is for that in the publishing industry and use that method. She said people like Stephen King quote songs frequently so that might be a starting point in your searching for how to do it. Many books will say used by permission, etc. in a note at the end, but that there’s a more formal way to do so that would be a good thing to track down.

    Keep us posted! Congrats on the exciting developments!

    To your success,
    Meredith Bennett

Boy oh boy am I doing the Snoopy Dance!

I will actually have IN my story credits, “Lyrics used with permission of the author..!”

How cool is that?

Edits are going hot and heavy!

So back to work, I just had to share this information!


5 thoughts on “AMAZING NEWS!

  1. YAY!! *dances with you* This is such wonderful, exciting news! I can’t wait for this story to be released, I KNOW people are going to love it!!

    *hugs tight*

  2. WOW, congratulations! That´s amazing, I´m really very happy for you! That looks like another big step for you and your writings. I mean to get the official permission by someone well known like her, I think that means a lot! Great and wonderful! *hugs*

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