“Trust Me” Released Today!

Today it the day!

I am SO excited. Not only am I heading out on a men’s retreat for Midwest Men’s Festival for a long over due and deserved retreat, but my newest story, Trust Me, is being release from Amber Allure.

I am really proud of this story and working on it from beginning through edits really helped me grow as a writer. I am just seeing that what is percolating and working since then is better. I’ve learned so much with each story, but this one is quite a bit longer than anything I’ve ever written before and shows me for sure that a certain editor at Dreamspinner Press is right, long form is best for me. And that editor will be getting some long form fiction soon!

I am so happy about Trust Me, and my hopes is that you will run right out and check it out!

Here is the description of the story:

Widower Neil Baxter is surprised when his best friend Amy Radcliffe, a recent widow herself, asks him to join her family at a dude ranch. It’s the last thing Neil wants to do with his vacation. He is not an outdoors kind of guy, and he’s been afraid of horses since one threw him when he was a boy forced to attend summer church camp. But Amy is the one person who successfully helped him deal with his wife’s death, so he agrees to go for her sake.

When Neil arrives at Black Bear Guest Ranch he meets Cole, one of the ranch’s wranglers, a twenty-five-year-old, out-and-proud gay man. The chemistry between them is instant, and it’s upsetting and frustrating for Neil. He has avoided acting on his homosexuality for twenty years, has fought it with all his energy.

But Cole is amazing..!

Soon, things between the men begin to sizzle. Will Neil continue to hide his true self, or will he finally learn to trust his feelings, as well as Cole, and step out and claim the life he has always wanted?

You can find my new story at Amber Allure and from what I can see, if you head out there now, they have it on a New Release Sale! (available by clicking Here)

Okay! Signing off to finish loading the car and head out. Kind of cool that Neil goes on vacation today and so do I! Synchronicity!

Much Love,
B.G. Thomas

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