Home Again, Home Again

So I am home from my vacation and it was a good experience. Still processing. I think, as open as I was for whatever Men’s Festival had to offer this year, I was still hoping for something that didn’t materialize and that affected my total enjoyment.

Despite that, the twelve days was magickal. Amazing. Lovely. Sweet. Fun. Crazy. And I have a pretty damned good all-over tan! Shocked people when I got back to work (and of course they can only see part of it! *G*)

I am hoping to find out the Trust Me is selling like hot cakes, but it will take a while to find out. Let me know what you think? I love that story and would love to get input. (Trust Me is available by clicking Here)

I am very excited to see that it was one of the free books offered through Jessewave yesterday and that there were 42 people interested in it, and that was on a Sunday! Sounds like good news to me! I hope it is reviewed soon, and reviewed favorably of course.

Several stories are ready to start pouring out of me. I want to finish this year’s Christmas story which is darker than I expected, however, that only means that when the sun breaks through, it will be all the more wonderful and romantic.

Then there is my Canadian story (to be written with a dear dear friend and the first time I’ve really attempted to write something with someone since before I was twenty years old! OMG! LOL!

And my pseudo science fiction story should be the best and most romantic story I’ve ever written in my life. I can’t wait.

Stay tuned!


One thought on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time at MMF, but I am sorry to hear that the something you were hoping for didn’t happen to you. *hugs you tight*

    Trust Me is such an awesome story with wonderful characters!! I love it so much and I know how much it means to you as well. I really, really hope it does well!!!

    I’ve heard from an unnamed source that your friend is very excited about writing that Canadian story with you!! *winks*

    You must, must, must write that science fiction story! It sounds incredible and I can’t wait to read it!!


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