Christmas in August

So I am finally almost done with my newest story for Dreamspinner Press’s Christmas/Holiday Advent stories.

This one is called Christmas Cole and is a pseudo-sequel to last year’s BIG seller, Christmas Wish. As I may or may not have mentioned, this one started darker than I intended, but when the clouds finally break and the romance sets it, it makes it all the more joyous! I cried writing it (good tears) and a friend felt the same way.

I have worked my ass off on it and thank God for my wondrous critic and betas, clmiles and essayel. I couldn’t do it without them. They not only see that misspelled word I haven’t caught one hundred times (thanks clmiles!) ~ but suggest actual changes to the story. With this one it was moving a scene to later in the story to keep the momentum going. I was far too close to see it, and trusted essayel enough just to MAKE the change!

This story has been a lot of work! I have loved it, but it has meant quite a few nights up LATE and also not house cleaning to my husband’s chagrin. And it is back to the RL job tomorrow. *meh*

I am awaiting final thoughts and last edits on changes I made and then hopefully it will go off today or tonight. If, NO! When I sell this one, it will be my twelfth sale in a year and a half! Why did I wait so long to trust myself and start writing?!

I’ve already begun work on several projects and am quite excited by them.

I love my life!

All right! That’s it for the moment!

5 thoughts on “Christmas in August

  1. *hugs* it’s always a pleasure to work with you, Ben. And I’ve celebrated having my own webite by adding this LJ to the blogroll on the front page. Would you sooner be B G Thomas or Ben Thomas?

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