Cover for “Men of Steel” Released!

So I got the official cover from Julianne Bentley. It really surprised me. It is nothing like I expected. Nothing at all. I was expecting the typical M/M cover with a twist. You know, close-up on rippling torsos all crushed together, but with costumes. And that isn’t what it is.

Does that mean I don’t like it?

Great Scott! No! Not for a minute!

As I said in a few earlier posts about this story, I was a comic book collector for many, many years. I originally got into them because I had this passionate crush on a boy. Don’t worry I was a boy too, this isn’t anything squickie. We were both about fourteen or so, maybe a year younger, and I was SO hot for him but was too naïve to know it. He liked Spider-Man and let me read some of his books and I liked them. It wasn’t just to get close to him.

But it made us good friends. We started writing and drawing our own comic books. Then years later when I was trying to be heterosexual (as heterosexual as I could be, which wasn’t too much) I was with this woman and we used to play these role-playing games like D&D but it was about heroes instead. Between the two, I had had these superheroes in my head for between twenty-five and thirty and more years and a few of them finally made it to the written page and SOLD!

All of this was a side step and I want to get back to the cover. See, collecting those comic books for so many years makes it so I know comic book covers like you wouldn’t believe. The layouts. They way they are done. The title locations. The fonts used. The colors. And so much more.

And I tell you the cover for Men of Steel is a very clever comic books cover. And it took me a bit to get the little joke! Notice the hero in reflected in the glasses is taking off his shirt to reveal his costume? What do you bet he is going to take off a lot more than that? Just look at the grin on the face of the man with the glasses!

I am really really proud of this story. It has a very special meaning to me. And I hope you will check it out when it is released. And remember! This anthology will also be in paperback!

I can’t wait to see my copy!

Love to you all!


Click on the picture below for a better detailed image!


5 thoughts on “Cover for “Men of Steel” Released!

  1. As I said last night, this is a very classy cover. It’s different and interesting and beautifully drawn and painted. Anne Cain is a star! It even echoes your story with the colouring of the superhero’s costume. Hey BG – it might have been made for you. 🙂

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