Did You Know What Law Russian Lawmakers Just Passed??

To My LJ Friends ~

Did you know that lawmakers in Russia’s cultural capital of Saint Petersburg just passed a law that would make it a “crime” to write a book, publish an article or speak in public about being gay, lesbian, bi or transgender – labeling it “homosexual propaganda”?

I just watched a powerful video illustrating this attack on fundamental rights, and joined thousands in signing a powerful message to the Governor, who has the power to veto the bill.

The message is calling people to boycott vacations and such to Saint Petersburg. I’m hoping friends will family to do the same. St. Petersburg is fairly low on my vacation list, below India and Greece and Britain and more, but I am shocked to find out that in a day where more and more nations and states are passing gay marriage, that this could have happened and the WORLD needs to SPEAK OUT!

Major governments have condemned the bill, and a grassroots surge of calls and petitions hasn’t been able to stop it’s advance. But with Russia spending $11 billion in the next five years to attract international tourists, and Saint Petersburg’s reputation as the cosmopolitan “window to the west,” together we will make sure that the powers that be in Russia will hear our people power – and buying power – loud and clear.

Take a minute to watch this video – and sign this letter to the governor, and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. We only have a few more days to sway the Governor – and every voice counts.

BG Thomas



One thought on “Did You Know What Law Russian Lawmakers Just Passed??

  1. I just signed the petition! What a shame! I mean I never had the wish to travel to Russia but even if I would have that wish and they really vote for that law, I would never go – no matter how much I would wish to visit that city!
    What a shame! Heaven, sometimes you get the feeling we are going back in time instead of going forward…
    The video is great, very well done!

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