New York City Here I Come!

New York City Here I Come!

Well, I can hardly believe it, but in just a few days I am going to be in New York City, The Big Apple!

I have dreamed about NYC for most of my life. Several years ago I went to visit a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a lifetime and reconnected with here on LJ. The flight was delayed and then diverted and I would up being able to see the Statue of Liberty way way in the distance and I was stunned. There she is, I thought. So damned close!
I doubt I will have time to see Lady Liberty this time, but I will see the City by hook or crook!

And it is all happening because of my writing! I am going to go to a two day workshop through Dreamspinner Press, the company that has bought ten of my stories, including the most recent, Meant to Fly, from the anthology Men of Steel, and synchronistically, half that story takes place in New York City. Perfect!

I leave early in the morning on Thursday to arrive around noon. There will be a two-day workshop starting on Friday morning, and it will be in conjunction with the Rainbow Book Fair, which we will be attending as well! How exciting!

I will be meeting so many people! The publishers of Dreamspinner Press, editors, fellow writers — inlcuding Andrew Grey and Zahra Owens — and the artist Paul Richmond! I am so excited about meeting the staff ~ Lynn and Elizabeth, and Anne and Anne, Ariel and the AMAZING artist Catt! And oh oh oh Julianne! She has been SO intramental in all that has happened for me. I can’t wait to meet her!!

*heart pounding*

Then after a breakfast with my fellow writers on Sunday morning, I head into Manhattan to meet my long long long-time LJ friend brak666, who was like the fourth person I friended on LJ nearly ten years ago! Our plans are to catch a show (a Broadway show!) and who knows what else? My hopes are for a drinkie at The Stonewall Inn, birthplace of gay rights!!

Then the next day, if all goes well on Sunday (and why shouldn’t it?), I am going to head back into town on my own to do something. Anything. See the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Times Square, something. I thought about a museum, but that is next time. I’d be inside looking at things and not seeing the Big Apple herself.

I can hardly believe this is happening! For a few short days, I am going to be a part of it, New York, New York!

*Happiest sigh in the world…*

And I’ll be filling you all in as much as I can, time permits, and free Wi-Fi availability as well!

Love and Namasté,
B.G. Thomas


8 thoughts on “New York City Here I Come!

  1. Have a brilliant time. And while you’re in the Stonewall I’ll raise a small discreet glass to the Wolfenden Report, our across the pond equivalent, even though it wasn’t nearly as dramatic and had far fewer sequins. 🙂

  2. I hope you have a super brilliant time in The Big Apple. Well, you couldn’t fail to really now could you?
    If you go to Ground Zero say a little prayer from Grace. And ooh The Stonewall Inn. It’s got to be champers in there. 🙂

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