A Lot is Happening ~ A Long Due Update

Hello all! I am sitting here this morning in the tiny town of Brookfield, MO, my husband’s hometown. It is a family reunion of sorts. I am stunned I have managed to get Internet access. So I am hoping on here quick to report some news.

First, in case you didn’t know it, the anthology “Men of Steel” with my story “Meant to Fly” has been released. I am so excited. There was a release party over the weekend…

AND!! … today Elin Gregory posted a gorgeous feature on the release of the book plus an interview with none other than moi!

The interview was so much fun and I would love to hear what you think (and so would she).

Please check them out! (make comments at her site!)

You can find the anthology by clicking right here (ebook and paperback!) and Elin Gregory’s stunningly gorgeous post by clicking right here

“Meant to Fly” is an important story to me and I am very happy about its release. I thought about dedicating it to my first boy-crush (when I too was a boy) but in case it did get back to him somehow, I didn’t want there to be any hurt. He was straight, alas. *heave sigh*

Here is what Dreamspinner Press has to say: Shazam! Who better to safeguard a man’s heart than a hero? Mr. Fantastic may be out there on a wing and a prayer, playing a Longshot, but a handsome He-Man has the power, courage, and derring-do to see his quest for true love through to the happy ending. For romance of superhero proportions, check out these Men of Steel.

In case you missed it, my 1920s time travel story “It Had to Be You” was accepted by DSP as well. This story was a doozy! OMG! I couldn’t write three paragraphs without having to do research. My bibliography is two pages at the back of the story. It was tons of work and I can’t say I would ever rush to do a period piece again, but I love the story so much. It says a lot about culture, how times never really change, and what really matters above all things is love.

I had to be all top secret about the story, but now I can tell you more. Here is a brief description…

It Had to Be You by B.G. Thomas

Robert Daniels is always dating the wrong guys. He doesn\’t understand it. He has such nice friends. Then, one day, on a particularly bad date, he gets shot and dies…

…only to wake up in the body of a man named Jimmy, who was also shot and killed—in 1927. Along comes Hugh Naylor, who is in love with Jimmy. Now Robert’s falling in love with Hugh, but how can he explain he isn’t who he appears?

And what about the people who shot “Jimmy” in the first place? Is Rob still endanger for sins he didn’t commit? And will this place Hugh in jeopardy as well?

It will be available in June. BUT, if you order now, you can get all thirty stories for a staggering savings!

Click here to find out more!

Dreamspinner Press is also interested in my novels. Right now I am busy at work on a zooming deadline with my very first novel! They like the idea, a lot, so here is hopeing they will like it when they read it. I am very happy with the direction it is going. A romantic comedy. I haven’t really done that before and I hope people will think it is even half as funny and romantic as I do.

Finally – and this is exciting too! – the anthology “Two Tickets to Paradise” with my story “New Lease” got an excellent review over at Top 2 Bottom Reviews. Every story, including mine, got a good review. Michelel Montgomery, the reviewer, said this about “New Lease”:

I really liked this story a lot. I felt sorry for Wade and hoped that he would find someone who really cared about him. Both Wade and Kent are honorable men who are both interesting and easy to like. I enjoyed the promise of a bright future for them and will be looking for more books by this author in the future.

WOW! She will be checking for my stories in the future! This makes me so happy!

Check out the whole review by clicking right here. It is really a nice one. Five stars for an antology!

Well, I am worried I will lose that Internet connection here in Mayberry Brookfield, so I better sign off. Until next time…



6 thoughts on “A Lot is Happening ~ A Long Due Update

  1. Congratulations! That are really good news!
    Not that much into superhero stories… like some Marvel stories, but only as movies… but “It´s hard to be you” sounds very interesting. I´m looking forward to June to read this story!

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