Who Would Have Thunk It? I Didn’t Know…. (ultimately not work safe)

Who would have thunk it>

Certainly not me.

Who would have thought that this little part of the anatomy, of the muscular structure, had its very own name?

I have always loved this feature. It is sort of like a different kind of happy trail.

Twin trails to glory, you know?

Yes, this part of the anatomy has its very own name.

Do you know?

CLICK HERE if you know what it is called and tell me before you see the answer, if you can.

If you know what it is called and if you can click and type without seeing the answer.

So I am reading this book called Summer Fever by Catt Ford, a very hot book I might add, and the two main characters are making love and one’s special button is his nipples and for the other one, it is this spot I have “circled.” And it mentions the name of this part of a man and I had NO clue what Catt was talking about.

Imagine my surprise when I Google it and find out!

I love it when I read something and come across a new word or phrase.

All right. Did anyone get it?

The answer is…

… (are you scrolling down?)

… the iliac furrow.

AKA Apollo’s Belt, it is the shallow grooves of the surface of the abdomen. It runs from the hip bone (iliac crest) to the pubis.

All I know is that it makes my tongue twitchy.

Makes me want to explore it.

Makes me wanna…




Get to work on that navel

I mean novel
















By the way, check out that link on Ms. Ford’s book. I loved it!


21 thoughts on “Who Would Have Thunk It? I Didn’t Know…. (ultimately not work safe)

  1. Okay, IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, I was trying to find the name of this area last week.

    I was always sort of squicked by guys who were too overdeveloped there. To me it looked like their abdominal wall was pushing on their hip bones and it just looked awkward and uncomfortable to me. For some reason, that sharp definition has become more appealing and now I think it’s fucking hot.

    But I couldn’t figure the name for it, and googling got me nowhere because I didn’t even know what keywords to use.

    So thanks, Ben! Good timing on this!

    Iliac Furrow. I like how it sounds delicate and sexy at the same time.

    Hey, sorry for deleting and then reposting this. I didn’t know you had two LJs and for a minute I thought I’d commented on some stranger’s journal!

    Edit: After reading some of the other comments, I have to say I LOVE THE TERM CUM GUTTER THO.

  2. LOL I’ve never known their proper name but I’ve always called them cum gutters. I suspect that isn’t the answer you are looking for tho LOL

  3. Aaaand you’ve just derailed any productivity from me tonight. (Not that much was going to get done in the last hour before bed, but ANYway…)

    Thanks! ;-]

  4. Well, I always thought it was called the illiac crest, after the part of the pelvic bone that’s under it (thank you, AP high school biology). But I like furrow better and I’m glad to have an official name for the area, not the bone in particular. πŸ™‚

    Really defined ones makes me feel bitey. Is that TMI? I’ll stop there.

    I like Apollo’s Belt too. Nice.

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