Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” by Amos Lassen

“The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” by B.G. Thomas— Leaving Home

About two years ago, after a chat on Facebook, B.G. Thomas asked me if I would have a look at something he had written. I did and told him that I thought it was very good and then he disappeared. I rarely saw his name on Facebook but I often wondered what had happened to him. Now I know—he was busy writing this book and I am glad to say that my first impression of him was correct. He is a good writer and he tells a good story.

This is the story of Todd Burton who has been living in the small town of Buckman. His stepfather is abusive and calls him a faggot and his good friend Austin causes him to realize that he might indeed be gay. Todd, however, does not want to agree with his stepdad and he dreams of getting out of town and becoming a chef. When he does manage to get away and to the big city, he runs out of luck—he cannot afford his rent and loses his apartment right as a snowstorm is taking over the city.

When Gabe Richards sees Todd freezing in the snow, he takes him in but Gabe, although wealthy, has problems of his own. He has been wounded many times in relationships and is sure that he will never be intimate again. Both men are surprised to have found each other and Gabe thinks that taking the boy in from the cold has caused his heart to become warm. At the same time, Todd thinks that getting evicted must have been a blessing in disguise.

Todd’s life in a small town had been smothering and he knew he was not happy dating girls. It was not until a chance sexual encounter with Austin told him that he had to move. He decided to get out and follow his dreams. As I said before, his luck ran out and he was soon out on the street in the city where he moved. When Gabe saw him, he thought he was a hustler and although things between the two did not get off on a good start, they developed a friendship first and a relationship later. Todd found himself dealing with new emotions and strange feelings but he slowly began to understand himself and was able to face what he already knew about his sexuality. It took him a while to deal with the sexual tension he was feeling—he had always been held back before because of fear and what others, especially his stepfather, would say.

Gabe had been broken in the past but he finds something I Todd. We learn of what he went through with Daniel and Brett and how they caused Gabe to suffer. Thomas gives us two wonderful characters in Todd and Gabe and we find ourselves rooting for them even though neither of the two were free from fault. The story is charming and sweet and heartwarming. This is most definitely a fairytale—there was a great deal of random activity but I really wanted the last sentence to say that they lived happily ever after.


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