Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” by World of Diversity Fiction

Review of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” by World of Diversity Fiction
Reviewer: Lynn
Four Stars

This was the perfect read to brighten my rainy day mood. I was swept off my feet with this sweet, feel good read.

In this novel, we find Todd Burton watching the snow start to pile as he worries where he is going to go. He snuck into an apartment building for shelter. The thin coat he was wearing couldn’t fight against the elements of the blizzard forming outside. The man who let Todd in the building comes down to check on him.

Gabe Richards knows the man downstairs is lying. He has seen the type before. He knows he stay away, but he can’t. Gabe goes downstairs to talk to the young man he let into the lobby. He believes the man is a hustler. After being burned when his heart was in the place, Gabe still offers food and sex for money.

Todd can’t believe the large, sexy man thinks he’s a hustler. Being from a small town and having a bigot for a step father, Todd is more than offended. Insulting the man, so he would go away was easy. After getting caught, Todd has to eat crow or be kicked out in the cold.

Gabe knows what it’s like to need a hand up. He’s been in similar shoes as Todd. Allowing him to stay in his apartment and sleep on the couch, Gabe sets out to show the young man that bad things happen, but you have to dust yourself off.

I loved the in depth background we got to see with these characters. I was so glad to see Gabe and Todd finally take that leap and trust one another.

The side character, Peter was amazing. I hope we get to see him again really soon. I need more of him!!

I give The Boy Who Came From the Cold, 4 stars. B.G. Thomas is going on my Must Have shelf from now on. I love a well written, sweet story.


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