The Boy Who Came In From the Cold by BG Thomas: Review at Mrs Condit’s


“Todd! Are you okay?” Gabe asked, alarm capturing his features. I don’t know, Todd thought. I have no fucking idea. Because as wrong as he’d always been told such feelings should be, his heart was telling him-singing to him-that nothing have ever been so right.

RATING: 4 Sweet Peas!

Title: The Boy Who Came In From the Cold
Author: BG Thomas
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Publication Date: May 29, 2013
Length: 284 pages

BLURB: Todd Burton has had enough of small-town Buckman. His abusive stepfather calls him a fag; his friend Austin makes him realize he may be gay, but Todd doesn’t want to admit his stepfather is right; and he dreams of being a chef. Three good reasons to flee his hometown and pursue greener pastures. But when Todd reaches the big city, his luck runs dry. Soon he can’t pay his rent and gets evicted. In the middle of a snowstorm.

Gabe Richards is a wealthy businessman with enough wounds of his own to make him afraid of ever being intimate again. But when he sees Todd outside his building, freezing to death, he takes pity on him and takes him in from the cold.

To their mutual surprise, Todd and Gabe find themselves drawn to each other. “One night” turns into a week. Maybe letting a man in from the cold can melt the ice around Gabe’s heart—and maybe getting evicted will turn Todd’s luck around.

JOSIE’S OPINION: Todd Buckman came to the Big City full of dreams and aspirations. Escaping from his indifferent mother and abusive step father he wants to make something of his life, become a chef, like all the chefs he’s watched on TV, but he soon he finds nothing but a pile of ash in place of his dreams. Homeless and destitute in the middle of a snow storm, with nothing more than the clothes in his back Todd has no idea which way to turn when Gabe Richards, offering kindness and his sofa for the night, takes pity of the young man he spots sheltering from the weather in his building’s lobby.

Gabe Richards is a lonely workaholic who just can’t walk away from the young man he sees in need, so he offers a roof over his head and friendship, as well as a shoulder to cry on. Initially attracted to the young man, who he at first mistakes for a gay hustler, Gabe sees in Todd a chance to repay kindness he once experienced. Soon the two men slot into an easy camaraderie. But can they have more?

As both men fight their attraction to each other can Todd accept that he might be gay, and that Gabe might be more to him than just a friend? And can Gabe trust again, trust Todd with his heart as well as his possessions?

I enjoyed this book, it had a quirky gentle rhythm to it that kept me hooked, and I kept sneaking it out when I shouldn’t, just to read a few more pages. It’s written from alternate POVs and I’ve never read a book with so much internal monologue, although at times it seemed a bit too much, it was lovely to follow Todd as he comes to the realisation that’s he’s not quite as straight as he thought he was. Gabe was so sweet and trusting; through his own internal musings we got to know so much about him, why he thought nothing of helping Todd, a stranger, and why he was reluctant to take it any further than friendship.

The story is full of richly detailed secondary characters, Tracey, Gabe’s fiercely protective friend and colleague, Cody, Todd’s unexpected confidant are just two, and Peter, Gabe’s boss who warrants a special mention, he was flamboyant, witty and charming and just perfect, especially when he regales a starry eyed Todd with how he met Gabe.

This book is just delicious; it’s humorous and funny, quirky and charming, an all-round fabulous read. It’s a perfect way to spend a few hours, and recommended for anyone who wants a Cinderella type story full of angst, heartbreak, surprising twists and a happy ending.



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