First Review “For Anything Could Happen”

First Review for “Anything Could Happen”

So I am blown away by the fact that I have gotten a review for “Anything Could Happen” when it hasn’t even been officially released yet! Wow! And it’s a darn good review. So thank you Amos Lassen! You are a prince! Much love to you… And without further delay…

“Anything Could Happen” by B.G. Thomas— Being Real
Amos Lassen

A couple of years ago B.G. Thomas (who I did not know) asked me if I would review his first book. Since I love reading new writers, I readily agreed and I was pleasantly surprised at his talent to tell a good story. Since that time, he published another book that is also an excellent read and now I have his new book and high expectations. I was not disappointed.

Austin Shelbourne has spent most of his life in the closet so that when he moves to Kansas City, he finally gets the chance to eschew the lies and be who he is. He hopes to be able to find the man who has stolen his heart, Todd Burton. The two had sex once but it made Todd so uneasy that he bolted and has not been heard of since. Austin deeply wants to find him talk and hopefully make things right and regain his love. As he searches for Todd, he meets Guy Campbell who becomes totally smitten with him but confuses Austin.

Austin lets him know from the get-go about Todd and soon learns that Guy has secrets. Guy is worried that if Austin finds out what they are, he would have a hard time. Then there is Todd who might just accept Austin’s apology.

Dealing with the theme of finding happiness, Thomas looks at three characters and what happiness means to each. The characters here express emotions that we all have felt and can identify with. Just as the title say—“anything could happen” and it does. This is a terrific read guys.

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