This Traveling Bear is About to Hit the Road

So I am very excited. Lots in store and I can hardly wait!

Things begin April 19th when I fly out of Kansas City for a non-stop flight (hurray!) to Seattle, WA where I will be staying with the wonderful Rick R. Reed and his handsome (Legally Wed) husband! They graciously invited me to stay several days, which will allow Rick and I to sit around our laptops and finally really plot out our novel! So excited!

And I finally get to meet Lily! That is a good thing because I will be missing my Sarah Jane big time!

He will show me around Seattle, which will be the setting for the book, and give me all kinds of ideas on how to write my part of the book. I am really hoping to see the famous Needle! *Fingers crossed*

I also hope to meet a long long long time Live Journal friend—known him at least ten years, but never met him—crossing my fingers that he will have time? When will I be in Seattle again?

Then on Thursday Rick and I will take the train down to Portland, OR, for the 2014 Dreamspinner Press Workshop!

First year the workshop was in New York. Oh my God that was amazing—I learned so much that has shaped my entire writing career! Plus I was able to do some sight-seeing, go to the top of the Empire State Building, see a Broadway show (I can now legally say I am gay) and even able to have a cocktail in the Stonewall Inn—home of the riots that in many ways was the real beginning of the modern gay rights movement.

Last year we all met up in Chicago. There wasn’t much sightseeing time, but I learned tons more about being a writer than I knew before, further strengthening my direction and abilities.

And so this year is Portland, OR. I’ve never been there (or Seattle for that matter). My dentist tells me Portland is gorgeous and I am going to love it. I look forward to exploring both these cities, but most of all I am eagerly waiting to spend time with Rick and so many other writers. Looking forward time with friends I have been getting to know, like Elizabeth North (my friend and guru), Paul Richmond, EM Lynley, Mary Calmes, JP Barnaby, Andrew Grey, Julianne Bentley, Anne Reagan, Ariel Tachna, Nessa Warin, Posey Roberts, Venona Keyes, Jamie Fessenden and…and…I need to stop! I can’t list all 100 people and I may hurt someone’s feelings if I leave them off my list! So let’s just say I can’t wait to see them AND so many that I’ve not gotten the chance to meet yet!

I can hardly contain myself I am so excited. I love to travel!

Gonna miss my husband and my teeny tiny little woman…and I won’t be home for my birthday! Hopefully there will be belated birthday nookie when I get home!

Peace and love—and remember! Leap and the net will appear!
BG Thomas

100_2520  400 x 300 version


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