God in a Cup

Sitting here at my favorite coffee café, Oddly Correct, and sipping at my Gibraltar. I said this morning that this would be something I am grateful for–Oh yes!

Thank you, Universe! Thank you thank you thank you.

A Gibraltar, for those who don’t know (I didn’t) is really just a tiny latte — double espresso, milk, and a bit of foam. The name “Gibraltar” comes from the type of glass. See http://www.amazon.com/Libbey-16-Piece-Gibraltar-Glassware-Set/dp/B00005MG3M Gibraltars are only served “for here” since putting it in a different cup kills its Gibraltarness.

Have I talked about “God in a cup?” I used to not like coffee. It was for choking down so I could start a 12-hour day that starts at six in the morning. Now? Now I spend mornings at Oddly Correct and what a day this will be. I let the Gibraltar flow slowly across my tongue, savor the rich flavors, the real cream from cows who were grass-fed only… Oh the texture! Oh oh oh oh… Thank you thank you thank you….

The Gibraltar is followed today by coffee from the Kikai Cooperative in Bungoma Kenya. The menu says it starts with a plum flavor, followed by black cherry with a white wine finish. Oh, my! Oh, my! Thank you thank you thank you.

Soooooooo good! I wish you were here with me! Sooooooo good!

What a wonderful life!


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