Are You Ready for Bears? Because “A Taste of Honey” Is Ready for You!

Well finally, after the adventure of a year, “A Taste of Honey” has been released and I couldn’t be prouder! Wow! A long road and that made getting to the destination all the sweeter!

So a year ago when the production staff of Dreamspinner Press went on their annual business retreat, I pitched a idea. Why don’t you do an anthology about bears? The MM industry focuses a lot on young beautiful men with perfect bodies, but there are all kinds of men out there. I am certainly not a young beautiful man with a “perfect” body. Sometimes all the books of love make me feel left out and certainly unrepresented. Bears need love too!
So just what is a bear? Funny you should ask. Because that makes up the essay I wrote that appears at the beginning of the book! In the meantime, I will give you Wikipedia’s definition, which is that a bear “is a large, hairy man who projects an image of rugged masculinity. Bears are one of many LGBT communities with events, codes, and a culture-specific identity.”

And what I will tell you from my intro is that what makes up the entire bear movement is a rejection of the notion that men have to look a certain way, and that there is a beauty in big men. You don’t have to have a six-pack to be sexy! It is a powerful experience to have been thought of as fat for most of your life and go to a big bear social event or convention and be embraced for what was rejected all your life!
Ryan Chmelik 30009he77
I also began to think, maybe there are bears out there who don’t want to read about young beautiful men with “perfect” bodies. Maybe they want to read about men like them. And thus, “A Taste of Honey.”

Dreamspinner, innovators that they are, and embracing of all people as they are, happily decided to make on of 2014’s anthologies a bear book! And then to my excitement, they let me help edit the thing!
“A Taste of Honey” has fourteen stories with an impressive list of amazing authors including John Amory, Jack Byrne, J. Scott Coatsworth, John Genest, Renae Kaye, Robert B. McDiarmid, Lillian Francis, G.P. Keith, Christopher Hawthorne Moss, Zoe X. Rider, Samuel Scott Preston, Tara Spears, Michael Rupured and Edmond Manning.

These are amazing stories! We received over eighty submissions and had to pick only a certain amount and that was tough! But, oh! Oh! Oh! The stories you’ll get to read. Set all over the world and representing all kinds of men within the bear community AND the men who appreciate and love them (and fall in love with them).
I hope you will consider “A Taste of Honey.” Let’s make a best seller of it and show the world that we love all kinds of men.

Thank you for you constant support!
Much Love and great big BEAR HUGS,

You can purchase “A Taste of Honey” in ebook formatt or paperback directly from the publisher right here:

Or from Amazon right here:

This is the bear flag! You can see the
rainbow flag influence and that was on purpose!


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