Monday’s Coffee Guy

Hello, on this glorious Monday morning and I hope every one is well and happy. It’s another week ahead of us and that means unlimited possibilities! I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

To misquote Harvey Fierstein from “Torch Song Trilogy”: “For those of youse what ain’t yet guessed,” I love coffee.

Now it has to be GOOD coffee. None of this Folgers or Maxwell House crap. And I am not a big fan of Starbuck’s unless it’s a frozen concoction or something like that, and then we’re not really talking about coffee.

And for those of youse who don’t like coffee, let me say that I didn’t like it. At all. Not one bit. But then I was drinking (the few times I drank it) coffee made by companies like Folgers or Maxwell House.

I work this job where I have 12-hour shifts and I have to get up pretty early in the morning, so I started drinking coffee that way. Sometimes I would have to plug my nose and chug it down. But then a Live Journal friend (remember LJ???) taught me about GOOD coffee.

She told me to go to my local big grocery store and look for the section that has those canisters full of coffee beans and you pull down the little lever and the beans go down into a little bag. And then you run the beans through their grinder. She told me to pick a brand, if possible, that was made by a local roaster. So I tried it. I even found some beans that had been roasted only a couple days before and….

OMG! Vive la différence! It was as different as the black pepper you get in a shaker and fresh ground (that second) peppercorns. I was stunned! I couldn’t believe the depths and levels of flavors! It was downright shocking!


Like this morning? It’s something called “El Eden Typica” and it comes from the growing region of Guerrero in Mexico. The package says it has “strawberry tones, a mead-like effervescence and hints of banana and chocolate. Sound like bullshit? Well guess what? It’s twue! It’s twue! And it is AMAZING! The first “flavor” rolls out over your tongue and then the second hits and you swallow and there is the shimmering after-taste and OMG!

And my local local local roaster has actually taught me to have good coffee without cream or sugar! I would never ever have believed it a few years ago. That place is called Oddly Correct by the way and I highly recommend it.

I talk a LOT about coffee in my book Hound Dog & Bean,” which just came out in an audiobook format by the way! I am extremely proud of this audiobook. It is read by the amazing, openly gay actor Charlie David. He did a wonderful job. I like it even better than his work on “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold.”

Check it out! LOL! I hope you will! Click right here if youse wanna!!

Oh! And check out Oddly Correct’s website too (RIGHT HERE). You’ll be glad you did!

Meanwhile I will be posting hot pictures of hot men drinking coffee a lot from now on. Look for them! And look for my reviews on coffees now and again as well!

Peace my friends,
And remember, leap and the net will appear!
BG Thomas



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Coffee Guy

  1. A coincidence that I’m reading your post as I’m waiting for my pour over coffee to brew at Fortezza Coffe in my hometown of Fort Wayne, IN. There is nothing better than high quality coffee 🙂

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