Adult Film Star, Hound Dog and Beans! LOL!

So I found this picture of adult film star Chris Rockway (who is so darned sexy) and his dog and I just had to share, especially with how excited I am right now about my new audio book, “Hound Dog & Bean.” And because—look there!—coffee! Hurray!

(I just wish I could have found out the doggie’s name!)

So this morning I’m having a Finca Sinai – Aflredo Baos (not sure just what that means!) which was a prize winner. This coffee comes from the growing region of Palestina, Huila in Columbia. The package states that it has “bright raspberry and lime tones, along with savory cocoa and herb character and a silky mouthfeel.” LOL! I love that! And it is so delish!

Won’t be handing around much this morning as I am heading down the street to visit an ailing neighbor who is about to go through chemo within the next week or so. He needs company and he loves my coffee so I’m taking the pot with me. I love this guy. He is a huge support in my life, has had an ear to listen to me for years (he was there for me when I was with the cheating ex), and now I’m going to be there for him. And yesterday was his 32nd anniversary with his amazing lover.

Then as soon as I get home I attack “Autumn Changes,” the next book in my “Seasons of Love,” series. This book is tough! Two men of vastly different cultures coming together in love. One of them I’ve never seen any MM book tackle. Luckily I work with a large group of people from this culture and they have embraced me and taught me bits of their language and even given me a name!

I leave you with a much sexier picture of Chris Rockway and a reminder to check out my new audio book at Dreamspinner Press!

Love and light to you
And of course remember, leap and the net will appear!
(I very firmly believe that!)
BG Thomas



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