A Camping Labor Day Weekend!

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So my husband and I are going camping this weekend for Labor Day Weekend. We are both quite excited because this will be our first time camping with our new (for us) pop-up camper! We bought it last year around this time but this will be our maiden voyage. We need to name it, don’t you think?

We will be at the campground that was the inspiration for Camp Sanctuary in my new novel “Summer Lover.” We have been going there for many years now, we think this is our thirteenth and it was at Laid Back Labor Day that we discovered Midwest Men’s Festival, which is the inspiration for the gay men’s spiritual retreat (in my new novel “Summer Lover!”) Hee!

We are going to have so much fun! We will head out as early as I can get R up and going. Early hopefully because it would be nice to get there early enough to be about to hook up to electricity. I don’t need it. We’ve never had it for the last 13 years–but hey! We want to see how it works!

So the theme this year is superheroes. We don’t have a damned superhero thing to wear. But that’s okay. It will still be fun!

My daughter is going to be watching the house. It gives her some away time so it’s a win-win. She doesn’t even have to watch our dog because we take her with us. She loves to go camping and she gets tones of exercise. There will be much swimming and bonfires and a talent show and Radical Faeries (hey! like in my new novel “Summer Lover.”).

One day of work and then four days of fun fun fun! I can’t wait!

I hope you all have a wonderful and fun-filled weekend. Please be safe and don’t drink and drive! And that’s the truth!

And may we all dare to walk in beauty, balance and delight!
BG Thomas
160_4229 postable

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