Hope You Are Having a Wonderful Sunday

So I am off to a dear friend’s house for dinner and a TV marathon. We’ll start with the season finale of “Falling Skies.” I have not cared for this season at all. It has been Jump-the-Shark all season as far as I am concerned. I was able to do the Willing-Suspension-of-Disbelief for the half alien/half human child—hey it’s a staple of science fiction going back to Spock and before. I was unhappy but willing to go with the baby growing fast. But turning blond and becoming some kind of messiah that could control the weather? And I have come to loathe Pope. Coming to? No, I haven’t been able to stand him from his first appearance. Ah well….

But then it will probably be most of the season of “The Leftovers.” I was so afraid this was going to be another story about being left behind after the rapture because you are a horrible sinner kind-of thing, but no. It has been some of the most powerful television I’ve ever seen! I love it! My original intention was to wait for DVD and do a marathon of my own. But I can’t wait! LOL!

Plus I am going to need the next three days to marathon-write! My deadline is ZOOMING up! And I have a lot to go. Luckily it has started writing itself and I have made a research connection that is going to make this novel—“Autumn Changes”—one of the best stories I have ever written. It’s going to be powerful stuff people!

Work was tough as hell yesterday, but then my wonderful husband—husband! Squeeeeeee!!—and I had a wonderful date night. PF Chang’s for dinner, then home to watch “Frozen” (he hadn’t seen it yet) and never mind what happened after!

It is a gorgeous day! It is almost a shame to be trapped inside! But my friend is making me a very belated dinner of chicken saltimbocca, which is SO good it is proof to me that there is a God! LOL! (not that I didn’t think that)

Lingering just a few more minutes because my sweet little dog Sarah Jane is sitting here next to me and I love her so much. Oh! And my husband too!

Okay, people! I hope you have a most extraordinary week. Please remember that life is amazing and incredible and full of opportunities and wonders! Some times we just have to look with different eyes. Remember also that thoughts become things, so pick good things!

Much Love,



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