Help Me Name A Character (or Two?)

He’s a movie star.

Think Matthew McConaughey or Brad Pitt or a young Robert Redford! Driving me CRAZY!

Something sexy but real. Something to suggest old Hollywood maybe. First and last names preferred, even if I wind up mixing and matching!

He won’t be sympathetic at first, but with time he will change. He is driven. He wants to be a BIG star. And if a few people get hurt on the way? Ah well. Eventually he will see the light though, just like all my characters do.

This is a man that wants to be one of the biggest stars ever. And he is talented. He is a very good actor. Think Russell Crow–he’ll start off as a bit of an asshole and then learn some life lessons and become a better man.

Hey! I write about redemption!

And how about this guy?

He’s a bartender with big dreams. Works in Kansas City but wants the big time in New York City.

In the meantime he’s doing everything he can to get there.

And I do mean everything….

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