Coffee Guy — September 10th

Well, it is a rather grey day, but not too dreary. It helps that I am at my favorite coffee shop in the world, Oddly Correct. My spirits have not been as up-up-up as they usually are, I have not been at all productive this week and I was counting on getting lots done—there is quite a bit of potential stress….

But that is the key idea. Lots of “potential stress.” What that means is that there is lots of potential wonder and magick and glory. So I took myself away to a magick place that always makes me feel good. There is a nice man sitting next to me with a blue Doberman named Emma and she is sweet and shy. There is a lady at the counter dressed completely 50’s, right down to the little hat with a tiny bit of mesh, fabulous shoes with little triangle cutouts, and cat’s eye glasses. Somehow I already feel a little bit better. Life really is wonderful if one opens their eyes and looks for it.

I hope to gets lots and lots of writing done. Two BIG deadlines in the pipeline and GayRomLit just around the corner.

I just had a Gibraltar, in coffee-talk, is an espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk (usually with the pretty decorated surface). It is pure heaven. Sweet without even an iota of sugar.

Now I am on my coffee and today’s is “Kochere natural Yirgacheffe, Ethopia,” and the menu describes it as “Strawberry, lime, bubble gum.” Don’t cringe. Remember this isn’t flavored coffee. This is not bubble gum flavored coffee! LOL! The description describes the elements and layers and this cup really is heaven on Earth. It is why I cannot drink Folger’s or even that famous coffee giant chain of coffee shops. This cup is so unique, once in a life-time, and unless I get a little bag of beans I will never have it again. It’s like a play. Once. That means one should appreciate this moment, because after all, this moment is all we have.

So I will stop worrying about what I cannot change, I won’t worry about what tomorrow or the next few weeks “may” bring.

I will sit here in one of my favorite places on Earth and I will write and let my characters come to life. They’ve been whispering. In face Asher has been elbowing.

So I sign off now with the real thought….

There is only One Life
That Life is Perfect
That Life is God’s Life
That Life is My Life Now.

Remember! Leap and the net will appear….




3 thoughts on “Coffee Guy — September 10th

    • You are very welcome. (((HUGS))) And I hope you will feel free to subscribe to my blog. I do my best to post the positive whenever I can.

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