Coffee Guy and Writing Updates

So today I am brewing another coffee from the Yirgacheffe growing region of Ethopia. I am amazed at just how many excellent coffees I find from this area of the world. Simply marvelous. This one is from the Kochere Cooperative again and oh, soooooo good. The package describes it as, “chocolate, blueberry, jammy & sweet. PF&J in a cup.” And remember! These are not flavored coffees! It is simply the incredible layers of natural flavor when you get a truly good cup of joe.

I didn’t get any writing done yesterday, however I am still happy with my day. I got all the edits done for my new novella “Derek” which I believe will be available in December. What’s more, it will be FREE! Get the word out. I love this story and it is going to be my permanent Christmas present to my readers. In other words, it should always be free. It’s a very personal story in that some of my struggles and experiences found their way into the book–mostly dealing with realizing I just couldn’t live a straight life even though I loved the woman who mothered my daughter. How I came to find out just what being gay really means. There were also these demons I had to deal with that whispered that my years with this wonderful woman were a waste. I conquered those demons and that struggle inspired my story “Derek.”

Today I’ve been on Facebook too much and I am ready to HIT the novel again. Coffee and breakfast are here and there will be no more detractions! It is finally starting to really flow. The two guys in this book have been fighting me. They are really private people with issues of their own and I have had to poke and prod them to get them to talk. They are quite happy not dealing with their issues! LOL! Like so many of us, huh? So much easier to sit in the dark and watch Big Bang Theory and drink cocktails instead of growing and moving on. But in fiction and real life, it is SO worth the battle and the journey. It is how you become happy.

So now I need to sign off here as well or I’ll just blog all day instead of writing. Wish me luck!




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