I Have a Cellphone! I’m So Excited! And I Just Can’t Hide It!

I have finally joined the modern era and have a cellphone! We got it through Metro PCS and it is awesome! We went to Sprint first and OMG what a ripoff! They wanted $600.00 for the fripping phone and the CHEAPEST service I could get was $88.00 a month and he was “doing me a favor.” AND I can get a 20% discount through my work. And he pressured me. And he pissed me off.

Then we went to Metro PCS and the deal was so good we couldn’t believe it. We didn’t believe it. So we walked the block down to the Cricket store and they had almost the same amazing deals. The only thing is they were out of their deal phone for around $50.00 and had no idea when it would come in and their cheapest phone was $149.00 Thought about it.

But went back to Metro PCS. The price was obscenely low and the first month’s service is $50.00 for unlimited calls and unlimited texting. It is 4G and when I use up my allowed [techno-speak-Husband-understood-something-to-do-with-data] they don’t charge me one dime more, it just slips down to 3G. Heavens to Betsy! Oh No!

I want to go back to the Sprint Store and tell the guy to kiss my…ah…elbow. And stop customers in the store and show them my phone. I took it to my friend Cricket’s house last night and she confirmed I have all I need. Internet access, Facebook, 97% coverage in the United States, and more more more. Why it even has this option so that when I am around WiFi I don’t use up any of my [techno-speak-Husband-understood-and-I-just-nodded].

And it is an Android LG, whatever that means.

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!

Now I just have to figure out how to use it and actually upload pics to Facebook and stuff like that. My friend Cricket uploaded the pic of Sarah Jane for me last night to my Facebook.

And when I go to GayRomLit I will be able to load the app that lets me know all that is going on!!!

I am so happy!

Life is good!

Remember! Leap and the net will appear!


One thought on “I Have a Cellphone! I’m So Excited! And I Just Can’t Hide It!

  1. I read today that Apple has sold 10 million of the new I Phone but way too expensive for me. I have an Android that does everything I want, too. Good job, B.

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