Happy Autumnal Equinox 2014

That day is upon us. Not a big fan of Autumn here. Already getting too cold for me. I like the colors of the leaves, but here in Kansas City the leaves start to change on Monday and are pretty much all gone by Sunday, so it’s not one of the places where you can really appreciate the colors. And I am not a fan of heavy clothes. I think I’ve mentioned I like skinny dipping out at Camp? Can’t do that in the fall! But I know it is just a part of the Great Turning of the Wheel and will bring more miracles and joys and insights. And I know it is helping me write my (late) book “Autumn Changes” which I keep getting emails about! Don’t worry! It’s coming! I won’t George RR Martin you! And hell, I am not 1/100th writer he is! Anyway, enjoy and remember to always dare to walk in beauty, balance and delight!

BG Thomas



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